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18 Bathroom Flooring Ideas to Inspire Your Next Remodel

bathroom flooring ideas


Say what you will about bathrooms—but they're one of our favorite spaces to redesign. Their small square-footage makes them a perfect place to experiment with bright colors, bold wallpapers, and graphic tile motifs, so the sky's the limit when it comes to gathering inspiration.

And one of the best ways to infuse a ton of personality and wow-factor into your bathroom is undoubtedly with a flooring upgrade. Whether you simply re-paint existing wood flooring, or opt for a more intricate pattern of penny tiles, sleek marble-effect slabs, or even just add a few new rugs to warm up the space, there's just something so satisfying about turning your home's powder room or master bath into something resembling a destination, not just a room built around utility.

For a small hall bath, many flooring projects can be undertaken in a weekend (just make sure you have another bathroom space handy during that time—we speak from experience). For larger, more luxurious makeovers, such as elaborate master bath remodels, it's often best to leave that to experts. (Though, of course, dressing up a drab tile floor with a few runners or fancy new bath mats is something anyone can achieve.)

Scroll on for some of our favorite bathroom flooring ideas—and let these options inspire your next DIY endeavor.

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Create A Cozy Surrounding

bathroom flooring ideas

Design: Ann Living

We love the look of tile—as the rest of this list proves—but there's something so warm and cozy about the look of wood, whether real or engineered. Continuing this herringbone-laid material up the walls surrounding the tub creates a cozy, welcoming vibe with a bit of a Scandi bent.

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Shape Up

bathroom flooring ideas

 Design: Burchard Design Co.

Mixing tile shapes is one of the most accessible ways to infuse some uniqueness and personality into a bathroom, even while staying within a neutral palette. Here, hexagonal floor tiles mimic the angular shapes of the window, while providing some contrast from the subway tile surrounds.

black matte hex tile
HexArt Nero 8" Porcelain Matte Tile $8.00

To avoid creating a look that's too "busy" when mixing tile shapes, be sure to vary the scale—penny tile pairs nicely with subway tile, or oversized hexagonal shapes to create some variation.

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Add A Burst of Boldness

bathroom flooring ideas

 Design: Cathie Hong Interiors

Even a traditional bathroom can benefit from an unexpected tile floor pattern. Here, subdued countertops and cabinets create space for this energetic sunburst pattern to take center stage.

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Get Inspired By Textiles

bathroom flooring ideas

Design: Cortney Bishop​


Do a double-take—this unique tile motif looks like a woven pattern at first glance. Borrowing patterns and styles from your favorite textiles and reimagining them in an unexpected material is a great way to infuse personality into a powder room—and here, it adds a graphic pop to an already colorful vanity.

paid marble tile mosaic
Carrara White Plaid Tartan Marble Mosaic $18.00
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Choose The Irregular Choice

bathroom flooring ideas

 Design: Cortney Bishop​

There's more to simple square tiles than you might think. While the shape is classic, there are so many different finishes and styles available—so even a simple symmetrical pattern gets some added interest. Choose handmade ceramic tiles with a bit of a hand-touched feel to them, or opt for natural stone to add depth and texture that lends a more elevated vibe than your standard hardware store fare.

square slate tile
clé Tile Basics Slate Square Tile $5.00
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Pile On

bathroom flooring ideas

Design: Katie Hodges 

Low-pile vintage rugs are becoming a commonplace sight in the kitchen...and there's no reason they can't make a migration to the master bath, too. Moroccan style rugs with a low-pile (or flat-weave composition) add a touch of indulgence to the bathroom.

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Get Creative

bathroom flooring ideas

Design: Dan Rak Design

A monochrome bathroom is the perfect space to experiment with fun, graphic tile options—especially in an oversized scale, as seen here.

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Reimagine The Classics

bathroom flooring ideas

 Design: Katherine Carter

A classic color palette takes on a surprisingly fun, fresh vibe here. Penny tiles in a pattern inspired by historic motifs feels renewed and oh-so-unexpected.

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Layer Up

bathroom flooring ideas

Design: Katie Hackworth

Layering rugs is a designer-favorite trick in the rest of the home—so why not in the bathroom? A large, flat-weave pieces provides everyday softness underfoot in this large bathroom, while a super-soft sheepskin ensures that the luxury of a long soak doesn't end when you step out.

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Black It Out

bathroom flooring ideas

 Design: Katie Martinez

A quick path to Scandi-minimalist vibes: painting wood floors a glossy black in the bath. Not only does it add drama, but it's a great way to revitalize original wood flooring that may have seen better days.

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Trick The Eye

bathroom flooring ideas

Design: Blakely Interior Design, Photo: Aaron Usher 

With a dizzying geometric motif that Escher would approve of, this sophisticated bathroom gets a bold infusion of unexpected interest/

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Mix And Match

bathroom flooring ideas

Design: Katie Martinez 

Giant square tiles might get a bad rep—but here, they're the star of the show. A mix of tile styles creates a larger-than-life graphic print that's irresistible (and surprisingly easy to install).

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Fade To Grey

bathroom flooring ideas

 Design: Karen Emile

Grey-washed wood flooring brings a country cottage vibe to this unique bathroom, befitting its assemblage of antiques. The natural character of the wood is allowed to show through, but its muted tone creates a calming backdrop.

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Create Contrast

bathroom flooring ideas

 Design: Black Lacquer Design 

Think you have to choose between bright wall colors and bold tiles? Think again. By choosing flooring in a neutral palette, the tile doesn't compete with the brilliant grapefruit hue on these walls—but rather, just adds to the overall whimsy of the space.

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Repeat Motifs

bathroom flooring ideas

Design: Blakely Interior Design, Photo: Aaron Usher

The details always make the difference—and this bathroom is no exception. We love that the hexagonal pattern on the floors is echoed in the shower alcoves—like a little in-joke for those with a keen eye.

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Go Indigo

bathroom flooring ideas

Design: Black Lacquer Design

A bright swath of color can take a black and white bathroom from sleek to ultra-chic, as seen here. Again, varying the size of the tile patterns is what makes this look so effective.

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Lay It Right

bathroom flooring ideas

 Design: Studio Ten 25

The way you orient your floor tiles can make a big difference. Here, clean & classic marble-effect tiles in an oversized scale are laid in a chevron (or herringbone) pattern, creating a little more visual interest for those who know to look.

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Double Up

bathroom flooring ideas

 Design: Michelle Lisac Interior Design

There's strength in numbers. His-and-hers vanities are flanked by his-and-hers rugs, giving a cohesive feel to the space (and spicing up the muted floor tile beneath).