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53 of the Best Bathroom Design Ideas We've Ever Seen

bathroom designs

Anne Sage/City Sage

A well-designed bathroom can be the perfect escape from the world. You can soak in a clawfoot tub, enjoy a relaxing hot shower, and indulge in your favorite skincare routine. Sometimes, the bathroom you have currently just doesn't match up to the bathroom of your dreams. That's where we're here to help.

We've compiled a list of the best bathroom design ideas we've ever seen by the interior designers we admire most, so you can make the bathroom of your dreams a reality. From bold tile patterns to totally zen color schemes, these 53 bathroom ideas will inspire you to make your space a gorgeous escape.

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Get Inspired By Your Surroundings

bathroom design

Glasshouse Interior

Whether you're nestled in the mountains, you're lucky enough to be coastal, or you're situated the the gorgeous central plains, take inspiration by the nature around you.

"When designing this bathroom we were inspired by the beautiful beach the home sits on," interior designer Marissa Nelums of Glasshouse Interior says. "We used a blue and white color palette, then added gold for a touch of luxury. The backsplash tile was the starting piece to this space. Its gold inlay was unlike anything we've seen before, making it the perfect material for a fabulous home."  

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Play Into the Layout of Your Space

bathroom design

Glasshouse Interior

Take note of the existing features you love about your bathroom and make a plan to emphasize them like Nelums did in this space.

"When designing this space we wanted to highlight the amazing height of the ceilings," Nelums says. "We chose a classic black and white color palette and gave it character by using geometric shaped tile. The unique tile gave this space a wow factor guaranteed to impress any guest."

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Create Contrast

bathroom designs

Glasshouse Interior

Whether you're designing a small powder room or a large primary bath, adding contrast to the space will help make a statement and add interest to the room.

"This bathroom doubles as a pool bathroom," Nelums says. "With it being adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico, we wanted to design with water in mind. We used a beautiful blue vanity as the foundation of the space and white tile to create a contrast."

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Be Mindful of Budget

bathroom designs

Joyful Design Studio

Even if your budget doesn't allow for a full bathroom remodel, you can still tweak the look using smart design choices, like designer Joy Williams of Joyful Design Studio did here.

"We made the best use of our budget with paint, hardware, new porcelain wood look flooring, lighting and backsplash," Williams explains. "Our client was pleasantly surprised by how much we could do with so little and we managed to keep the aesthetics in line with the rest of the more extensive makeover which included adding a new bedroom."

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Go Classic

bathroom designs

Hibou Design & Co.

A black and white color palette never fails, especially in a bathroom. The team at Hibou Design & Co. in Montreal added plenty of French touches to this space.

"We opted for a hotel-chic theme featuring a classic black-and-white penny-tile floor with a custom motif that literally greets you every morning, en français," designers Korina Khamis and Eugenia Triandos explain. "The matte-black faucets and hardware provide punctuation to this crisp white palette. This high-contrast color scheme is warmed up with a natural wood cabinet-style vanity. Modern-industrial lighting rounds out this cool look."

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Add Smart Storage

bathroom designs

Hibou Design & Co.

Between toiletries, makeup, and spare towels, bathrooms demand lots of storage. If you're lucky enough to have the space, a built-in vanity can help sort your cleaning supplies from your skincare. If not, take a note from Hibou Design & Co. and add a built-in ladder (or towel warmer, if you're feeling fancy) for hanging clean linens.

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Try a Standalone Tub

bathroom designs

Hibou Design & Co.

Looking for a statement piece? A standalone tub is the answer. Hibou Design & Co thought outside the white porcelain box to add in a stunning black and white tub that helped modernize an older home.

"Considering that this home was constructed in 1902, my main objective was to create a modern deviation from the classic tiles," the team at Hibou Design & Co explain. "I was able to lay the traditional subway tiles in a modern herringbone pattern and use the classic black and white hexagon penny tiles to incorporate some of our local French culture. The creative freedom on this project was by far my favorite part, which ultimately lead to this really fun bathroom!"

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Bring in a Traditional Vibe

blue traditional bathroom with plant

Design: Julia Alexander Interiors; Photo: Anna Yanovski Photography; Architect: De Rosee Sa Architects

There's something about a traditional countryside bath that always works. In this space by Julia Alexander Interiors, rustic features like wood beams and painted shiplap blend seamlessly with an antique tub and accessories for a cozy space that will never go out of style.

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Take Advantage of Natural Light

bathroom designs

Design: Julia Alexander Interiors; Photo: Anna Yanovski Photography; Architect: De Rosee Sa Architects

When you have views this lovely, you have to show them off. In this space by Julia Alexander Interiors, a modern yet traditional bathroom maximizes the surrounding country landscape through a massive window and a soft color palette.

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Try a Floating Vanity

black and white bathroom with plant

Design: Julia Alexander Interiors; Photo: Anna Yanovski Photography; Architect: De Rosee Sa Architects

A vanity is always recommended, but a floating vanity adds a whole other level of design to a space. In this bathroom by Julia Alexander Interiors, a crisp white floating vanity anchors the space (and makes it easy to clean underneath).

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Bring in Pattern

bahtroom designs


A powder room is like the jewel of the home — feel free to decorate it as boldly as you like. In this half bathroom by Grey Hunt Interiors, a gorgeous green wallpaper gives a modern take on a chevron print and provides plenty of personality to a tiny space.

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Think About Grout

bathroom designs

Design: GreyHunt Interiors; Photo: Christy Kosnic

It may seem like a small choice, but don't make the color of your grout an afterthought. The color can totally change the look of your space. From classic options like white or black, like in this space from GreyHunt Interiors, or more fun options like bright pink (yes, really), take a minute to consider your options.

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Add a Touch of Elegance

bathroom designs

Design: GreyHunt Interiors; Photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Metallics like shimmery silver, gold and brass can automatically make a space look luxurious. In this bathroom by GreyHunt Interiors, gold sconces are paired with shimmery gray wallpaper, and brass fixtures for a truly opulent escape.

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Get the Best of Both Worlds

bathroom designs

Design: GreyHunt Interiors; Photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Waffling between a tub and a shower? Why not both? In this stunning bath by GreyHunt Interiors, a gorgeous marble bath blends perfectly with a black and white shower.

"This tub plays double duty as a bench in this luxe shower," designer Sallie J. Lord of GreyHunt Interiors explains. "We love how the luxe gold Brizo Shower suite sets off the black glass herringbone."

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Mix Materials

bathroom designs

Design: GreyHunt Interiors; Photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

You don't have to go all in on one design element like wallpaper or tile in a bathroom. Follow GreyHunt Interiors' lead and mix both for a one-of-a-kind space that feels extra luxurious.

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Think Outside the Box

bathroom designs

Design: GreyHunt Interiors; Photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

An all-tile bathroom feels super fresh and clean, especially with this white subway tile and neutral color palette.

"Why stop the tile in the shower?" designer Sallie J. Lord of GreyHunt Interiors explains. "We carried this around and did a little pattern play with the tile for added interest." 

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Mix Vintage and Modern

bathroom design

Brexton Cole Interiors

Think mixing vintage and modern pieces is just for your living room? Think again.

"I love this design because it mixes traditional elements with new styles," the team at Brexton Cole Interiors explain. "I added the very traditional Louis the 16th mirror, vintage style sink and tile flooring.... mixed with unexpected marble swirl wallpaper and pops of modern yet eclectic art." 

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Let There Be Light

bathroom designs

Jenn Pablo Studio

By using light colors and an oversized mirror to reflect light, designer Jenn Pablo of Jenn Pablo Studio was able to make a formally dark room into a light and airy space.

"The goal for the space was to completely transform it from a dark space like water closet into an elevated and serene powder room," Pablo explains.

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Think About the Details

bathroom designs

Anne Sage/City Sage

While the big ticket items like a tub, shower or vanity demand attention, don't forget to think about the accessories either.

"This powder room really is all about the details," designer Anne Sage says. "Tons of different textures and patterns are layered upon each other to create an incredibly fun and dynamic space—yet thanks to the neutral palette, the room still manages to feel like a chill retreat. My favorite special touch was the way we had the backsplash cut to accommodate the inset curve of the mirror. Such a fun way to make a piece from a big box store (in this case CB2) feel like a custom and one-of-a-kind!"

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Consider Your Vibe

bathroom designs

Justin Q Williams

Consider the style of your home before committing to a design plan for your bathroom.

"This bathroom is located in an industrial loft in the heart of downtown Atlanta," designer Justin Q Williams explains. "My client wanted to bring an element of luxury to this industrial space by incorporating modern lighting and hotel-like appeal. I really enjoyed brightening this space and incorporating luxury elements to elevate this bathroom."

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Don't Be Afraid of Color

bathroom designs

Michelle Gage

As we've said before, bathrooms are the perfect place to play with design. Color, pattern, and texture are welcome. In this space by Michelle Gage, a bright blue and white patterned wallpaper is a showstopper.

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Or Go Totally Moody

bathroom with black tile and concrete style wall

Bespoke Only

Though we love a bright white bathroom, there's something about a dark space we can't get enough of.

"On the contrary to the bright and light palette often seen in bathrooms, we are partial to a moody look, particularly in a secondary bath or powder rooms," the team behind Bespoke Only explain. "By washing the smaller space in one rich deep hue creates a cocooning effect that provides a sense of safety in our most intimate setting. When paired with low soft ambient lighting, the experience is especially alluring and sensual."

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Have Fun With Floor Tile

bathroom with tiled floor and gold mirror

Arbor & Co.

This bathroom may seem simple and bright, until you take a glimpse at the floor.

"Make a statement with your bathroom floor!" the team from Arbor & Co. recommend. "We went with a fun tile here on this bathroom for a client's basement renovation. I love how the tile is like a party and the rest of the materials complement it. It shines! We tore everything out and built this modern walk-in shower and installed glass to help the bathroom appear bigger. It's still one of my favorite bathrooms ever."

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Try a Warm Palette

modern french style bathroom with clawfoot tub and plant

Arbor & Co.

White bathrooms feel crisp and clean, but they can also give off some overly sterile vibes. By adding some warm elements, you can make the space way more welcoming.

"Our client's home was a very old craftsman, and we wanted to complement the style by designing a "French modern" style bathroom," the Arbor & Co. team say. "My favorite part of this one is the clawfoot tub with the brass accents! The space was small, so we kept it light and bright then added a little pop of color in the linens."

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Try Terrazzo

bathroom with terrazzo floor, black fixtures and a plant

Arbor & Co.

Want to add a touch of color but still love the look of an all-white bathroom? Try a terrazzo tile.

"We gutted the old one and did a completely different layout," the team at Arbor & Co. explain. "My favorite part of this bathroom is the terrazzo tile on the floor, the vanity and the vessel sink." 

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Go Rustic

bathtub with bay windows, jute light fixture and rug

Arbor & Co.

Think there's no place for rustic wood in your bathroom without evoking 90's tract house vibes? Think again.

"My favorite part of this bathroom is the blue cabinets and the massive spa-like tub with all those beautiful windows surrounding it," the Arbor & Co. team says. "Who wouldn't want to soak here? You should have seen the layout before. Our clients wanted a place that felt zen and peaceful. I love to mix and match blues and blacks also, I say why not?"

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Add Some Greenery

bathroom with black mirror, plant and rug

Arbor & Co.

Perfect for renters or homeowners without a big budget or lots of time, greenery can be the perfect accessory to liven up your bathroom.

"This was a very quick and easy little makeover," the Arbor & Co. team says. "I had a small budget and wanted to just spice up the vanity, so I replaced the lights, painted the countertop, added a new faucet, mirror, painted the walls and bam! Looking fresh!"

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Think About Double Sinks

black and white bathroom design

Michelle Berwick Design

If you have the space, double sinks can make the morning rush so much more manageable. With identical fixtures and mirrors above each, this bathroom by Michelle Berwick Design is smart design at its best.

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Try a Patterned Shower Tile

neutral bathroom design

Michelle Berwick Design

If you don't want your whole bathroom to be bold, but want to pack a little bit of punch, think about designing a pattern in your shower like Michelle Berwick Design did here. This tile creates a fun chevron pattern while the rest of the room is kept clean and neutral.

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Consider Color

subway tile bathroom with gold mirror

Reagen Taylor Photography

A black toilet may not be for everyone, but it's definitely an easy way to make a big statement. In this bathroom by Reagan Taylor, the rest of the bathroom is kept bright, white, and colorful while the dark toilet adds an unexpected contrast, sure to be a conversation starter.

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Design With Style in Mind

black and white bathroom

Michelle Berwick Design

Is your personal style modern and clean? Or rustic and warm? How about classic and cozy? Or maybe bright and minimalist? Whatever your style, be sure to plan your bathroom design like you would any other room of your home. Here, Michelle Berwick Design kept the palette simple and the silhouettes crisp and modern to create a luxurious bathroom with the right about of glam.

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Embrace Architectural Features

black and white bathroom

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

If you're blessed with architectural features like wainscoting or high ceilings, embrace them in your design as Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona did here. By highlighting these features, Carmona was able to create a bathroom that feels special and one-of-a-kind.

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Add a Beachy Vibe

beachy bathroom with round mirror

Design: Pure Salt Interiors (@puresaltinteriors); Photo: Vanessa Lentine (@vlentine)

With blue, white and sand accents, there's no doubt that this bathroom by Pure Salt Interiors was inspired by the beach. In order to keep it chic (and not kitschy), focus on adding subtle beach elements with color, texture, and a few accessories.

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Invest in Mirrors

bathroom with double vanity and gold details

Design: Pure Salt Interiors (@puresaltinteriors); Photo: Vanessa Lentine (@vlentine)

Mirrors are such a great design hack: they reflect a ton of light and instantly make any space seem larger than it is. Place a mirror (or three) in your bathroom as Pure Salt Interiors did here to make your space seem large and bright.

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Try a Statement Sink

bathroom with blue wallpaper and small pedestal sink

D Burns Interiors

You've heard of statement-making wallpaper, but what about a statement sink? In this space designed by D Burns Interiors, the free-standing sink basin steals the show.

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Build a Custom Vanity

bathroom with vanity and large plant

Design: Pure Salt Interiors (@puresaltinteriors); Photo: Vanessa Lentine (@vlentine)

If you have the budget and the space, a custom vanity can make all of your storage dreams come true. In this space by Pure Salt Interiors, a few perfumes and knickknacks are left out while the rest are safely stowed away in one of the many drawers. A true dream come true.

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Bring in Accessories

bathroom with stand alone tube, jute light, fresh flowers

Design: Pure Salt Interiors (@puresaltinteriors); Photo: Vanessa Lentine (@vlentine)

Bathrooms are still rooms in your house, and all rooms need a few accessories, even if the rooms themselves are mostly utilitarian. In this space by Pure Salt Interiors, a stool, bouquet, and candle all radiate warmth into the room without cluttering it.

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Add Floating Shelves

bathroom with painted ceiling, open shelving and plants

Domm Dot Com

Floating shelves aren't going away any time soon. And why would they? They're perfect for keeping skincare, greenery, and knickknacks out of your way while still providing a nice decor element like in this space by Domm Dot Com.

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Mix Geometric with Florals

bathroom with floral wallpaper and gold mirror

House of Chais

It's all about shape. The strict lines of vertical subway tile contrast beautifully with the organic and free-flowing shape of the floral wallpaper, in this gorgeous bathroom by House of Chais.

When mixing patterns, think not only of the shape of the pattern but also the size. For example, smaller patterns like gingham blend well with larger patterns like Buffalo plaid.

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Go Pink

gray bathroom with gold mirror

House of Chais

Ok, now we really want a pink sink too. Add your favorite color to the mix by bringing it into the space in unexpected ways like the sink seen here. Major kudos to House of Chais for this find.

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Add a Statement Rug

bathroom with vintage details

Kaelyn Guerin

Tile needs a bit of softening to cozy up the space, which is where an area rug comes into play. Follow Kaelyn Guerin's lead and add a bright rug (not just a bath mat) to your bathroom floor.

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Lean a Ladder

bathroom with clawfoot tub and ladder

Design: Cathie Hong Interiors; Photo: Margaret Austin Photo

Leaning a ladder in the bathroom for décor (or just to throw a few towels on) is the design trend that works for almost every style. Follow Cathie Hong Interiors' lead and add plenty of functional, yet pretty storage moments, like the ladder, hooks, and even the stool.

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Think About Lighting

bathroom with neutral details

Design: Mindy Gayer Design Co.; Photographer: Vanessa Lentine

You'll be getting ready in your bathroom every day, so lighting is key. Think about the level of lighting you'd like (mirror lights, chandeliers, or maybe just a few sconces) and then get to work on the style. We love Mindy Gayer Design Co's take on bathroom lighting here — the copper sconce could not be cuter.

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Go For a Statement Ceiling

bathroom with wallpapered ceiling and stand alone tub

Noelle Ryan Interiors

When you spend time soaking in your tub, you're going to need something to look at. Enter a statement ceiling. In this bathroom by Noelle Ryan Interiors, a gorgeous patterned wallpaper steals the show up above.

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Think About Shape

blue and white wallpapered bathroom with stone sink

Proem Studio

In this bathroom designed by Proem Studio, shape is king. The organic pattern of the wallpaper, rounded shape of the mirror, and strong clean lines of the sink all blend together to create an eye-catching and dramatic space.

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Try Mis-Matched Tile

bathroom with green and blue tiled shower

Sarah Fultz Interiors

We love the look of this tile — it's all in the same color scheme, but each piece has a shade all its own. In this bathroom, Sarah Fultz Interiors kept the rest of the bathroom fairly neutral, so the shower could demand all of the attention.

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Go For Clean Lines

bathroom with black and white tiled floor

Sarah Fultz Interiors

There's something very soothing about a bathroom that's all about clean lines. In this space by Sarah Fultz Interiors, the sconces, vanity, mirrors, and even the vase feel fresh and modern.

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Mix Wood and Tile

bathroom with rattan mirror

Studio Peake

Wood paneling and tile can absolutely go together, just take it from Studio Peake. In this charming bathroom, seafoam shiplap pairs beautifully with bright white subway tile for a space that feels beachy and optimistic.

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Mix Warm and Cool Tones

bathroom with orange and blue wallpaper and green sink

Studio Peake

While we're more than a little obsessed with this bold wallpaper, it's the mix of warm and cool tones we really love. In this Studio Peake powder room, green, orange, blue, and yellow add a bright pop of fun to a complementary color scheme.

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Play With Mirror Shape

bathroom with stone chandelier

Tara Kantor

You're not limited to a circular mirror or a rectangular mirror, we promise. With shapes ranging from starburst to oval and everything in between, a mirror with a cool shape is an easy way to add interest to your bathroom, as Tara Kantor shows here.

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Try a Statement Tub

bathroom with stone tub and tiled backsplash

Thomas Guy Interiors

If you're going to invest in a standalone tub, you might as well make it a showstopper. In this bathroom designed by Thomas Guy Interiors, the tub (along with the accompanying backdrop) adds a ton of interest without using much color.

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Add Texture

Bathroom with dark green vanity

Tyler Karu Design + Interiors

We always advise adding texture in living room and bedrooms, but it turns out you can also use texture in your bathroom too. In this room designed by Tyler Karu Design + Interiors, brush lines, wooden accents and sleek marble blend well together to create a rustic space that doesn't rely on one material.

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Soften Your Space

Bathroom with bohemian style

Rikki Snyder

Just because your bathroom isn't the first place you'd think to put a pillow, it doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a few accessories. Take a cue from Rikki Snyder, and throw in plenty of cushions, a rug, and hey, even a couch to make your bathroom a true relaxing destination.