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7 Designer-Approved Bathroom Layout Ideas that Never Fail

Bathroom layout with black tub

Mindy Gayer

The first step to tackling any bathroom renovation is to decide on the layout. You probably spend way more time in your bathroom than you realize, so getting your layout right can take a stuffy, boring bathroom and create a serene space you enjoy being in.

Though your layout may be somewhat limited by the space you have to work with, there are many ways to arrange a bathroom to make the most out of any quantity of square footage. Whether you're lucky enough to have a huge room to work with or you have tight space you want to maximize, we asked a few designers for their favorite bathroom layouts.

From small to oversized, read on for our designers' tips on creating the best layout for your space.

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The One-Sided Bathroom Layout

Bathroom layout

MyDomaine/Ellen Lindner

Tiffany White, Principal Designer of Mid City Interior Design went with this layout in a recent renovation after running into a cost issue and needing to save money on plumbing.

The Layout: A bathroom with the shower and sinks lined up on the same wall.

The Shower: Here, the shower and the vanity share the same wall, opposite the door. Not only does this save on plumbing costs, but it also allows you to ensure that the first thing you see when you walk into your bathroom isn't the toilet.

The Extras: According to White, "We have found that women prefer this layout because the vanity is opposite the shower and next to a window. This eliminates 'fizzy hair' or an oily makeup application."

Bathroom with navy vanity

Mid City Interiors

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The "Forever Home" Layout

Bathroom layout

MyDomaine/Ellen Lindner

"This house was designed for a mid-to-upper age couple," says White. "While they still love soaking after a stressful day or tough workout, the walk-in shower, with a built-in bench, will soon become a necessity."

The Layout: An expansive bathroom layout with a separate shower and bathtub, perfect for a forever home.

The Shower: This bathroom is large enough to house both a shower and a standalone tub. In the center of the bathroom, a massive soaking tub acts as a centerpiece and lends the space an air of luxury.

The Extras: If you have enough space, a built-in bench is a great way to add a permanent perch for getting ready in the morning. This is a great idea if your bathroom is attached to the master closet and you need a place to rest while getting ready every morning.

Bathroom with large soaking tub

Mid City Interior Design

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The Long and Narrow Layout

bathroom layout

MyDomaine/Ellen Lindner

This design from Mindy Gayer is perfect for a long, narrow bathroom space.

The Layout: A long, horizontal layout with the shower and the bathtub on opposite ends of the room.

The Shower: Here, a shower sits on the same wall as the vanity, separated by a pony wall. "That allowed us to integrate the vanity and shower spaces nicely and in a way that felt intentionally designed," says Gayer. On the other end of the bathroom is a freestanding soaking tub.

The Extras: If you have a large enough bathroom, consider splurging for a freestanding tub. According to Gayer, "freestanding tubs are great because they can help visually anchor a focal point in a bathroom." This layout is both beautiful and functional, with a window above the soaking tub to add a lot of natural light.

Bathroom with a standing tub

Mindy Gayer

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The Convertible Layout

Bathroom layout

MyDomaine/Ellen Lindner

The hardest part of planning for a renovation is predicting when your needs will change. Here's a great option for those who know they will want something different in the future.

The Layout: A mid-sized bathroom with just a soaking tub that can be easily converted to a shower when the time comes.

The Shower: "We designed the kids' bathroom to have a freestanding tub that could later be converted to a shower," says Gayer. "We installed an overhead rain shower, so that in two to three years as our clients' kids got older, they could add a wall-mounted rod with a shower curtain so the tub could double as a shower."

The Extras: If you don't have room for both a shower and a standing tub, a layout like this proves you don't have to sacrifice those long soaks. Instead, install an overhead rain shower and tile the space behind your tubs so it can have a dual purpose.

Bathroom layout with black tub

Mindy Gayer

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The Small Space Layout

bathroom layout

MyDomaine/Ellen Lindner

If you have a small bathroom space to work with, this layout from Christina Kim Interior Design is perfect.

The Layout: In this layout, a stacked sink vanity and makeup vanity rest opposite the shower with the toilet in between the two.

The Shower: Though this layout does not offer enough space for a standalone tub and a shower, you can opt for a dual shower-tub or go for just a walk-in shower with eye-catching tiles to act as a focal point. Think about your personal habits and which makes more sense for you.

The Extras: By placing the toilet parallel to the shower, you keep it out of the direct view. "In a typical small bathroom floor plan, the toilet would be situated where the makeup vanity is, which would keep it in direct view", says Kim.

Pink bathroom with toilet next to the shower

Borden Interiors

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The Master Bath With Two Sinks

bathroom layout

MyDomaine/Ellen Lindner

This layout from Pure Salt Interiors is great if you want two separate vanities in your master bath.

The Layout: Focused on designing a spa-like bathroom, Leigh Lincoln of Pure Sat Interiors created enough room for two standalone vanities opposite a shower and a soaking tub.

The Shower: Because this space has room for both a shower and a standalone tub, the tub becomes the focal point in the center of the room. On one side is a water closet with the toilet while the other side has the walk-in shower.

The Extras:  "Utilizing one wall for a bank of cabinets allows for the addition of a vanity, offering lots of storage and counter space," says Lincoln. If storage and vanity space is key to your bathroom, consider two separate vanities over a single double-vanity.

Double vanities in a large bathroom

Pure Salt Interiors

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The Powder Room Layout

bathroom layout

MyDomaine/Ellen Lindner

Last but not least, the perfect layout for a cozy powder room from Aly Morford of Pure Salt Interiors.

The Layout: In this small guest powder room, a vanity and a toilet sit on the same wall with enough room for a large statement lighting piece above the vanity.

The Shower: This small powder room does not have a shower, but if you had more space or you wanted to utilize this layout for a full bath, consider putting the shower to the left of the vanity or opposite the toilet.

The Extras:  Powder rooms are often focused just on the necessities, but Morford says they wanted to try to make this space feel larger than its footprint. "Adding art to the walls, choosing statement lighting above the vanity, placing pops of green, and opting for wall treatments, like wallpaper or millwork, make for a more dynamic and interesting space," she says.

Blue powder room

Pure Salt Interiors