These Picks Will Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Hotel

Updated 07/15/19
Urban Outfitters

For many, our homes are our sanctuary. And if you're an avid MyDomaine reader, that means you're likely very much interested in how to maximize your living spaces with as much comfort and style (and function of course) as your budget allows. When it comes to style and décor, inspiration comes from everywhere: Maybe it comes from your favorite interior design blogger, or something you spotted watching your favorite Netflix show. Or maybe, something resonated with you on your latest travels that made you instantly think, I need to recreate this in my own home.

On that note, want your home to feel like you're on a permanent vacation? It's actually simpler than you'd think. Think of everything you love about your favorite hotel or spa bathroom, for example. From the fluffy texture of their towels (and robes!) to aromatic lotions and bath gels, and flattering lighting, all you need are a few little bathroom upgrades to make it feel like you're living luxe.

Simple storage, sleek accessories, and elevated accents are the key to making your bathroom feel like you're staying in a hotel. Let's get started.

Try Fluffy White Towels

Nothing says five-star hotel bathroom like a soft, pillowy towel that's comfortable enough to snuggle in... if it weren't serving a more practical purpose. Spring for an Egyptian cotton set if you can, and install a spare hook to hang a robe. Elle magazine recommends switching your robe out seasonally, "think a textured cotton waffle for summer, and a fast-drying Hydrocotton option for winter." And, invest in a heated towel rack—turn it on before you shower to cocoon yourself in satisfying warmth when you're finished.

Create a Scent-sational Experience

Mimc your favorite spa by fine-tuning your scent game; create a sensory experience with essential oils, scented soaps, and other bath products. According to science, there is a direct link between what we smell and how we feel. Therefore, the scent you choose to infuse your at-home bathroom with is up to you: Try citrusy and minty aromas for a more upbeat and invigorating experience, or lavender and vanilla for a more zen feeling. Rosemary and jasmine also have calming properties.

Bring the Outside, In

At MyDomaine, we've written extensively about the benefits of adding plants to your home, no matter what your living setup is like, and your bathroom is no exception. For example, does your bathroom lack windows? We've rounded up 15 plants that actually like the dark. In another instance, we tapped a Feng Shui expert to show us how to use plants to promote good feelings throughout the home. And, let's not forget the piece we published on the plants that not only look great at home, but work double-duty as an air filter to clean the air.

Tropical plants, like ferns and philodendrons especially love the bathroom's humid environment, while hanging a bundle of eucalyptus branches from the ceiling will transport you to the spa at once, as steam from the shower release its woodsy oils. Or keep it simple with a potted orchid.

For more bathroom upgrade ideas, we've rounded up our picks below. 

Shampoo Dispenser
Yamazaki Shampoo Dispenser $16
Minimal Rose Gold Standing Bathroom Storage
Urban Outfitters Minimal Rose Gold Standing Bathroom Storage $39
West Elm Vanity Mirror
West Elm Modern Resin Stone Vanity Mirror $79
Pressed Botanical Candle
Urban Outfitters Pressed Botanical Candle $14
Hotel Glass Toothbrush Holder Glass Bedding
JLA Home Hotel Glass Toothbrush Holder Glass Bedding $26
Touch Control Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror Bedding
Conair Touch Control Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror Bedding $100
Accessories, 3 Shelf Tower Bedding
Creative Bath Accessories, 3 Shelf Tower $160 $80
Clara Squeegee
Interdesign Clara Squeegee $30
Monique Lhuillier Marble Large Tissue Holder
Monique Lhuillier Marble Large Tissue Holder $50
Ischia Hydronic White Heated Towel Warmer
Ischia Hydronic White Heated Towel Warmer $190
Curie lighted bathroom mirror
Signature Hardware Curie LED Light Mirror $209
Signature Hardware Nottingham Brass Tub Caddy $73
EcoStyles 4-shelf bathroom tower
EcoStyles 4-Shelf Bathroom Tower $56
Trimble Dual Shower Head Shower System with Hand Shower
Signature Hardware Trimble Dual Shower Head Shower System with Hand Shower $629
Matina 3-Light Vanity Light
Signature Hardware Matina 3-Light Vanity Light $223
Medicine cabinet and vanity
Signature Hardware Palmetto Medicine Cabinet $579
Oval Bath Pillow
Signature Hardware Oval Bath Pillow $17
Albury Tempered Glass Shelf by Signature Hardware
Signature Hardware Albury Tempered Glass Shelf $40
Wulan Hanging Bathroom Shelf
Signature Hardware Wulan Hanging Bathroom Shelf $333

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