Could This New Bathroom Trend Be the Next Claw-Foot Tub?

Updated 10/11/19
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Looking in the mirror can be an important part of a daily routine. And while we can all agree that beauty begins on the inside, we certainly don’t mind any help we can get to look and feel our best on the regular. That’s why we’re always on the hunt for bathroom mirror ideas—you can consider it an investment in how you see yourself. For something you spend a healthy amount of time staring into every day (okay, sometimes unhealthy), you can afford to spend a little more time making sure you’ve chosen the perfect one. It’s worth it, and you’re worth it.

How can you get the most out of your bathroom mirror? Looking and feeling your best involves a variety of factors, but it all starts when you wake up. If you’re anything like me, the first thing you see when you look in the mirror in the morning is probably not your favorite image of the day. So, for starters, a chic mirror can help your bathroom vanity provide a confidence boost to kick off the day. Need a Monday morning pep talk or maybe a moment of reflection (literal and figurative)? Regardless of your routine, the right bathroom mirror will frame the conversation in style. From minimal to ornate, round to rectangular, antique to modern, and everything in between, the possibilities are endless to suit how you want to see yourself.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall: Which mirror is the fairest of them all? Scroll for 12 inspiring bathroom mirror ideas.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Round

Julie Soefer ; DESIGN: Laura U Interior Design

A round mirror is always a good idea, but it's even better when mixed with geometric shapes. This bathroom showcases an expert balance of angles and curves, which is pretty much exactly what we're looking for. After all, the best bathroom mirrors are the ultimate testing ground for your own most Instagrammable angles.

Grace Bone Inlay Round Wall Mirror 32
CB2 Grace Bone Inlay Round Wall Mirror 32 $249
Alexandra Ribar ; DESIGN: Leanne Ford Interiors

There's no reason the clean, minimal appeal of an all-white interior can't extend to the bathroom space. The white finishes on this bathroom vanity, mirror, and lighting set a simple, relaxing tone. The round mirror provides a shapely contrast to the hexagonal tile and linear wood ceiling patterns, but we're mostly obsessing over the perfect proportion play between all the elements.

Parson's Wall Mirror
West Elm Parson's Wall Mirror $349
Mat Sanders ; DESIGN: Consort Design

Looking for something to admire beyond your own reflection? Try treating your bathroom mirror as wall art to strike a balance between fashion and function. This mirror's three-dimensional illusion is a playful nod to Op Art, and you can't help but smile when you look into it.

Bower Ring Mirror $1625

Twinning Is Winning

Rikki Snyder ; DESIGN: Timothy Godbold

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, two is better than one—for the simple reason that multiple people can use them simultaneously.

A double-mirror moment like this one is ideal for couples who like to get ready together but still value a little bit of personal space.

CB2 Croft Brass Wall Mirror $199 $38
Ryan Garvin ; DESIGN: Becki Owens

What do you call a bathroom that has two vanities with large round mirrors flanking a bathtub? Goals. The symmetry of the entire room, the colors, and the chic pendant above the tub all seem secondary to the mirrors hanging on the wall. Let's be honest: We'd gladly invest in a little extra Windex in order to double down on round mirrors any day of the week.

Consort Round Metal Framed Mirror $1625
Simo Design

All the elements of this double-mirror moment mix together seamlessly: the natural wood finishes, the chic modern chandelier, and the overall simplicity of the décor. That's when bathroom mirrors work best—when beautiful design and flattering lighting give you a perfect daily glow.

rakka black lacquer mirror
Rejuvenation Rounded Rectangle Metal Framed Mirror $299

Old Is New Again

Joraima Tromp ; DESIGN: Bricks Studio

When renovating almost any room in the home, it's chic to antique. And bathrooms are no different. We love to mix and match pieces to create an old-meets-new vibe, and an antique bathroom mirror makes for a stunning statement piece. When you look in a mirror like this one, it's hard not to feel like a well-framed work of art.

James Sansum Fine Louis XV Rococo Mirror $5500
Francis Amiand ; DESIGN: Humbert & Poyet

Antique mirrors are not without practical features; this brass mirror incorporates a shelf and hooks to bridge the gap between fashion and function in this bathroom. We know that bathroom storage often comes at a premium, so we're all about a mirror with a little bit of built-in versatility.

Raw Wrought Iron Hall Mirror w/ Hook Rack
1stDibs Mid-Century Modern French Hat and Coat Rack with Mirror $2495
Laurey Glenn for Southern Living

Bright whites always look a little more crisp with an element or two of contrast. An antique mirror does just the trick in a more rustic take on a white bathroom, giving the space texture and warmth while maintaining that fresh, clean feeling.

Howard Elliott 56006 Avondale Wall Mirror $400

It’s Never Too Late to Get in Shape

Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Veneer Designs

Sometimes the best approach for a bathroom design is to build personality into your morning and nighttime routine. This bathroom is a lesson in building energy through pattern mixing between the tiled floors and wallpaper, but one feature, in particular, stands out: a teardrop-shaped bathroom mirror. We simply love a space that embraces unique shapes.

Metal Framed Mirror - Oval
Blu Dot Hang 1 Drop Mirror $299
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Kirsten Marie Inc

An oval provides a fresh twist on the round bathroom mirror trend. The slimmer curved shape leaves plenty of room for chic geometric sconces along with enough open space for shibori-inspired wallpaper to shine. Consider us sold on this shape.

Infinity Brass Oval Wall Mirror 24
CB2 Infinity Brass Oval Wall Mirror $229
Ricardo Labougle ; DESIGN: Maddux Creative

These octagonal floating mirrors add an instant feeling of lightness to this bathroom design, with a balance of shapes and angles that is pure gold. Here's to looking at you.

Avondale Ceiling-Hung Polished Brass Mirror $570

This story was originally published on July 21, 2017, and has since been updated.

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