This Is What Happens When You Store Medicine in the Bathroom

Updated 09/20/17
Justin Coit for MyDomaine

When it comes time to give the bathroom a once-over, we often think about cleanliness, like bleaching the bathtub or disinfecting the toilet bowl, but according to Better Homes & Gardens, that's not the only aspect you should pay attention to. In a recent article, the magazine points out that bathrooms have unique conditions, and the humidity, the lack of light, and the daily spike in temperature (when the shower is running) can wreak havoc on the shelf life of certain items.

Intriguingly, the items on the list are often considered bathroom staples—think razor blades and linens. If you keep these four things in your bathroom, it might be time to reorganize your space.

1. Linens: Towels smell musty when they're folded and stored while still damp. If possible, allow linens to air dry once used, and store extra towels in a cupboard outside the bathroom.

2. Spare razor blades: "Lingering moisture and steam from showers and baths can dull blades and promote rust, rendering them ineffective," the magazine suggests.

3. Medicine and vitamins: Most pills need to be stored in a cool, dry place, which means the bathroom isn't ideal.

4. Perfume: Apparently, humidity can affect the temperature inside the bottle, tampering with the potency and fragrance.

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