8 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Will Make Getting Ready a Breeze

When you're ready to redo an outdated bathroom, it can be tempting to put a sledgehammer through it right away. But before you enter the demolition stage, of course, it's best to have a clear plan for what you actually want to achieve with your new space. After all, what's the point of remodeling a bathroom only to discover it doesn't function efficiently or actually match your style later on? Because we're all for statement spaces, we rounded up a few of our favorite bathroom remodeling ideas that include more than just your average subway-tile designs. The inspiration ahead is just what you need to get started on your future bathroom and will maybe even make your mornings better.

bathroom with vintage shapes and finishes
Melanie Acevedo/Trunk Archive

Focus on Patina

While we tend to go extra modern in bathrooms—even in historic homes—Jenna Lyons's old master bathroom is proof that sometimes, antique materials are best. Keep an original wooden floor or opt for vintage shapes and finishes to give your space a stately look.

bathroom with statement tiles
Thomas Richter; DESIGN: Space Exploration and White Arrow

Go Wild With Tiles

Sure, it might be tempting to opt for neutral white or black tile, but a small space like a bathroom is the ideal place to test out statement tiles—try a mosaic or a geometric pattern in a bold color.

bathroom with separation between the toilet and the rest of your bathroom
Courtesy of Jessica Helgerson

Separate Your Spaces

If you have the space, create a separation between the toilet and the rest of your bathroom—and use the wall in between to squeeze in extra storage. You'll thank us when towels and beauty products aren't overflowing everywhere.

bathroom remodel with walls painted similar shade to the tiles
Courtesy of Catherine Kwong

Make It Extra Cozy

Create coherence in your space by painting your walls in a shade close to your tiles, and paint the contrasting trim a few shades darker. To take the design a step further, paint the ceiling in the same tone as well.

bathroom with antique brass double showerhead
Courtesy of Space Exploration

Splurge on Statement Fixtures

Forego the default fixtures and opt for an antique brass double showerhead instead. This splurge will go a long way in making a statement in your bathroom, not to mention it will make showering that much better.

bathroom with a statement wall and lighting
Bauer Media

Create a Focal Point

Create a focal point behind your bathtub by adding a statement wall that extends to the ceiling, and drop some lighting right above the tub to accentuate it.

bathroom with mirror on barn door rails
Courtesy of Catherine Kwong

Carve Out Extra Storage

Put your mirror on barn door rails so you can conceal extra storage behind it. It's a more interesting take on your average medicine cabinet.

bathroom with bath behind paneled glass doors
Thomas Richter; DESIGN: Space Exploration and White Arrow

Separate Your Wet Area

Separate your wet area from the dry one with paneled glass doors. Not only will it make your shower feel larger, but it will also create that extra layer of privacy when you feel like taking a long bath.

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