Making This One Renovation Will Boost Your Home's Resale Value


Courtesy of Studio McGee

Anyone who's ever rented an apartment can share the burning sentiment of wanting to gut the bathroom and start anew. Cue visions of waterfall marble countertops and Apparatus Studio sconce–flanked vanity mirrors to replace that shoddy textured tiles and any leaky plumbing. But when the time finally comes to buy your first fixer-upper, those dreams can soon turn into nightmares when renovations take a turn for the worse: Costly contractor mistakes and improperly installed fixtures can pretty quickly kill your daydreams.

So how do you know which home improvement mistakes to avoid in your bathroom as a first-time renovator? We turned to Portland-based interior designer Max Humphrey for answers. By paying attention to every detail of the project, from having a lighting plan from the beginning to hiring the right contractor to specifying the width of your grout before installation, you can save yourself unfortunate mistakes that will not only leave you less than satisfied with the end result but also potentially have an impact on your resale value. Take notes on how to bring your Pinterest board to life the right way—this is bathroom reno 101.