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30 Gorgeous Shower Ideas Guaranteed to Elevate Your Morning Routine

shower designs

Courtesy of Leclair Decor

There are two types of people in the world. Some wake up extra early to take a long, luxurious shower before sitting and enjoying a morning coffee with a book or the morning news. Then, there are those who barely have the time to do a quick head-to-toe rinse after hitting the snooze button for an entire hour. Personally, we consider ourselves the latter. Neither is better—simply different—and both deserve just as satisfying of a shower as the next one.

And if we're totally honest, the quality of your shower is not summed up by the quantity of time you spend in there. It's the quality of your setup that really matters. To be sure you're getting the elevated experience you deserve, here are 30 shower ideas to apply to your own bathroom. Whether you have the budget to completely renovate or just some spare time on a weekend to refresh your existing design, there's an idea in here for you. And dare we say, you might even be willing to wake up extra early to hop in these stalls. 

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Double Your Showerheads

bathroom showers

Courtesy of West of Main Design

Ever wanted to feel warm water running down the front and back of your body at the same time? This setup with dual-facing showerheads makes it possible. No more cold side on icy winter mornings. And if this wasn't inspiring all its own, we also can't help but notice (and be inspired by) the on-trend color palette of tan and black.

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Try Two-Toned Tile

shower designs

Design: Michelle Berwick, Photo: Larry Arnal

You usually see shower setups with a single tile installed from floor to ceiling, but this one goes against the grain, boasting a pale blue rectangular tile on the bottom and a white penny mosaic on the top. Think of it as wainscoting, but for your shower. But the best part is, this bathroom design managed to incorporate a third style tile on the floor, without making it feel like too much.

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Go Dark

shower designs

Design: Sarah Fultz, Photo: Mike Davello

While showers are usually designed with a bright, light color scheme, this shower tile with hints of black, blue, and green feels incredibly luxe. You might not see this dark setup in most homes, but it feels like it would look right at home in a high-end spa. If this doesn't make you rethink the clean subway tile look, we don't know what will.

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Go All-In On Glass

shower designs

Design: Michelle Berwick, Photo: Larry Arnal

A glass box positioned in the corner of your bathroom for a stand-up shower is both modern and beautiful. It creates a separation from the rest of the bathroom without feeling claustrophobic or like an obstruction to your layout. Just be sure to keep plenty of window cleaner on hand to keep it water spots and soap scum away.

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Throw in a Ladder

shower designs

Design, Photo: Leclair Decor

While most doors come complete with a towel rack installed across the front, we love how this setup includes a ladder design that holds your towels and adds a sculptural element to this space. It also eliminates the need to add a towel rack or hooks on the wall.

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See Red

shower designs

Courtesy of West of Main Design

While we often lust over a clean, shiny, white subway tile, this ruby red version of the classic adds an extra special touch. Tones of pink, red, and burgundy almost mimic the look of brick walls, but with a softer feel. Play up the warm tones with a wooden stool styled with your favorite apothecary and an extra towel for an at-home resort feel.

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Get Smart With Storage

Shower designs

Design: Michelle Berwick, Photo: Larry Arnal

Shower organizers and shelves can clutter the look of your sleek shower and cheapen your high-end design. A build-in shelf alcove holds all your best body products, but also frames them in a way that look like a gorgeous store display. The all-white tile design makes them pop too, and is it just us, or do they somehow feel better and smell better when they look good on a shelf?

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Design With Your Space in Mind

shower designs

Design: LAVA Interiors, Photo: William Lavalette

Despite what your Instagram feed might tell you, you don't need endless square footage to create a luxury shower experience. This narrow shower stall boasts some big style with help of the textured tile, brass hardware, a paned window design, and a contrasting black tile floor. When your tiny space looks good, trust us, you won't miss the extra feet. And it's Insta-worthy to boot.

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Add Some Greenery

shower designs

Design: Grey Hunt Interiors, Photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Ever wondered what it would be like to shower every morning in the rainforest? Well, a few potted plants can transport you to a lush treehouse in Belize. Well, not exactly, but it's a great place for your plant babies to thrive and an even better place for you to enjoy them. There's even a stool to relax on the next time you whisper sweet nothings to your monstera.

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Don't Forget Seating

shower designs

Design: Grey Hunt Interiors, Photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

A bench in the shower is useful for many reasons, but finding the space or contractor to add one to your bare space isn't always easy. We love how the surface of this tub extends outward and doubles as a shower bench on the right, perfect for shaving your legs or relaxing while your conditioner sets.

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Take On Terrazzo

shower designs

Courtesy of Vipp

If you're loving the terrazzo trend as much as the next home décor enthusiast, consider covering your entire bathroom and shower in this trendy material. The gray and black undertones throughout create a modern, yet moody feel that's sure to look cool for years to come. The fluted detailing along the shower wall helps break up the pattern, giving this shower a totally unique look.

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Create a Spa-Worthy Experience

shower designs

Design, Photo: Leclair Decor

We know you've seen showers with sprigs of eucalyptus hanging from the shower head. While it's definitely a vibe, the addition of greenery is more than just an aesthetic. When your shower heats up, the steam allows the eucalyptus to release oils that make your morning rinse feel like a spa experience.

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Reach For The Skylight

shower designs

Courtesy of LAVA Interiors

A skylight is a plus in any setting, but adding one above your shower is sure to help you get your morning started off right every time. You can soak up your vitamin D while your strands soak up you conditioner. Plus, it ensures the lighting is always right to show off that gorgeous tile work.

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Invest in the Right Curtain

shower designs

Design: Mindy Gayer Design Co., Photo: Vanessa Lentine

You don't need to empty your bank account making your shower feel brand new—sometimes the only upgrade you need is a new shower curtain. Swap that dingy clear curtain you've had since college for a more stylish one and your bathroom will look totally renewed in a snap.

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Strike a Match

shower designs

Courtesy of Katie Martinez Design

We can't stress the importance of hardware enough—the wrong faucet could really make or break your entire design. This setup perfectly matches the gold sink hardware to the ones in the shower, making for a cohesive, and expensive-looking feel. The achromatic color palette (including the white subway tile and black grout) looks chic against all the gold.

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Install a Rain Shower

shower designs

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Sure, you could go with a basic shower head, but a unique rainfall platform like this one will make your morning rinse that much more luxurious. This white-on-white design with a hint of gold looks just as good when it's off as it does when it's trickling down a steady shower stream.

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Make It Micro

shower design

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

If it's the little details that matter, these micro tiles are all we can focus on. These tiny tiles make up a chevron pattern that somehow looks understated but makes a major impact. However, we could only imagine the installation is painstaking, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day either.

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Go Classic Black And White

shower designs

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

With so many hardware options in all colors finishes and finishes, it could be difficult to settle on a single one. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a classic pairing of black hardware and white tile. The high contrast always makes for a standout design.

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Think Outside of Marble

shower designs

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Okay, we're calling it now: Jade is the new marble. This soft grayish green stone with cream-colored veins running throughout looks spa-worthy as it does Insta-worthy. While we can only imagine you'll be seeing this stone on countertops, backsplashes and floors, we think this jade shower will be replicated time and time again. The all-white decor of this bathroom design makes this stunning shower the centerpiece.

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Add Homey Accents

shower ideas

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Just because the bathroom is a more utilitarian space doesn't mean you can't add some special touches. Throw in some leaning art, a candle or two, and plenty of greenery to soften up a tile-filled room.

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Let Your Walls Pull Double Duty

shower design

Courtesy of Alvin Wayne

We love how this bathroom gives a single wall dual uses. One one side you get a faucet for a bath and the other hides a walk-in shower. Genius!

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Get the Best of Both Worlds

shower designs

Design: Hive LA Home, Photo: Amy Bartlam

Ideal for smaller bathroom spaces, this all-in-one stall houses both a shower head and a freestanding tub, proving that your really can have it all. And again, the product alcove from earlier makes another appearance proving that shower caddis are a thing of the—or at least they should be.

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Think About Functionality

shower designs

Design: Kate Lester Interiors, Photo: Amy Bartlam

Some enjoy the steamy fog of a hot shower and others prefer to stay in the clear. This convertible window above the shower door allows you to open it when you want the steam to vent out, and close it when you prefer to create the feel of an at-home sauna.

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Play With Pattern

shower designs

Courtesy of Ashley Montgomery Design

When you find a really good tile pattern, it's best to stick with it. We love how this bathroom boasts a gorgeous achromatic star pattern along the wall and across the floor. Keep the rest of the bathroom design fairly minimal to keep the focus where it belongs: on that beautiful tile pattern.

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Consider Vintage

shower designs

Courtesy of Ashley Montgomery Design

If you're lucky enough to have an original clawfoot tub sitting in your bathroom, don't you dare think of upgrading it to something more modern. This shower setup feels old-Hollywood glamorous in a way that can only be passed down from generations past. Drive home the theme with art-deco touches, like the sconce on the side of the mirror.

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Forget the Shower Doors

small showers

Courtesy of Ashley Montgomery Design

Why restrict your morning shower to doors, curtains and tubs? Even though it's inside a bathroom, this open shower setup with a stone floor feels one with nature somehow. An inconspicuous drain positioned right under the shower head will ensure you don't have flooding issues.

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Go All Out With Hardware

shower designs

Courtesy of Brophy Interiors

Two shower heads are better than one, but there's nothing like an added handheld attachment. The simple addition not only makes getting clean more enjoyable, it looks beautiful to boot. It's like a triple threat.

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Tile Everywhere

shower designs

Courtesy of AE Designs

While tile is mostly utilitarian and installed in a way that shows off your tile in a simple pattern, this shower proves that tile can actually create the look of a gorgeous mural. Installed to boast a light-to-dark and then light-again ombre creates a tie-dye effect that's both unique and beautiful to look at. Contrasting it with a fairly minimal tile on the opposite wall gives the blue side the spotlight.

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Think About Longevity

shower designs

Courtesy of Alvin Wayne

While most sliding shower doors look outdated, this bathroom is proof that newer ones can look sleek and modern. The stainless steel hardware on the top and bottom ensure these doors will look stylish in this setup for years to come. Just be sure to keep it squeaky clean to keep it from looking dated.

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Add Graphic Touches

shower designs

Design: Leah Alexander of Beauty Is Abundant, Photo: Marie Edison

Play with the contrast of tiles and grout colors to create a look that truly shows off your personal style. The deep tone of this royal blue tile against the bright white grout looks graphic in a retro-cool way. It's part '80s, part modern (with the help of chrome touches), and all kinds of Insta-worthy.