These 10 Stunning Bathrooms Have One Important Detail in Common

Bathrooms can prove to be tricky spaces to really make a statement. So many of the fixtures are nonnegotiable, and even if you're working with some generous square footage, the bathroom is inherently still one of the smaller rooms in your home. But one detail where you can let your creativity soar is with bathroom tiles. While layouts may be fixed due to plumbing and décor accents can only do so much, beautifully executed bathroom tiles have the power to totally transform the space, elevating it with intention and giving it inimitable style. To spark some inspiration—whether you're trying your hand at masonry or hiring professionals for a full overhaul—we've rounded up 10 stunning bathrooms that have this one important detail in common. 

Head below to take a look at 10 stunning bathroom tile designs that will make you want to renovate.