These 10 Stunning Bathrooms Have One Important Detail in Common

Bathrooms can prove to be tricky spaces to really make a statement. So many of the fixtures are nonnegotiable, and even if you're working with some generous square footage, the bathroom is inherently still one of the smaller rooms in your home. But one detail where you can let your creativity soar is with bathroom tiles. While layouts may be fixed due to plumbing and décor accents can only do so much, beautifully executed bathroom tiles have the power to totally transform the space, elevating it with intention and giving it inimitable style. To spark some inspiration—whether you're trying your hand at masonry or hiring professionals for a full overhaul—we've rounded up ten stunning bathrooms that have this one important detail in common. 

Head below to take a look at 10 stunning bathroom tile designs that will make you want to renovate.

Rethink traditional subway tile with this fresh rendition in various shades of sage. Putting a spin on the traditional bathroom tile staple it instantly breathes new life into the space while providing a soothing neutral palette that will never go out of style.

While on paper, brown tile may not sound like dream décor, this simple execution proves otherwise. The subtle variations of the rectangular tile complement the bathroom's natural wood finishes and provide a beautiful contrast against the otherwise white interior.

Don't be afraid to mix and match finishes and shapes. This bathroom uses combines three contrasting tile styles in a black and white palette for a striking effect. Classic subway tile lines the main wall while the shower reveals vertical-running subway tile in black for a statement-making juxtaposition.

It can be easy to shy away from busy tile designs but as evidenced here, the risk is well worth it. Balanced by the clean white square tiling and black finish of the walls, this ornately detailed star design brings gorgeous elegance to the room.

This minimal bathroom creates interest with the unexpected combination of black hexagon tile with white elongated rectangles running horizontally along the wall. The discordant designs add interesting texture to the open plan, working together in unexpected harmony .

This white bathroom presents a playful twist on classic subway tile, working a herringbone pattern for a fun refresh that doesn't compromise on traditional elegance.

Round tiles provide a cool element of surprise to this airy oasis. The organic curves complement the surrounding natural greenery while the white colourway lets nature be the star of the show.

Floor-to-ceiling tiles in black sound like they would swallow up the room, but this endeavor reveals quite a different story. White bathroom fixtures and an red rug pop against the black walls of subway tile and the darkness seems to even open up the space.

Somewhere between a midcentury Sputnik design and a cool geometric take on tropical leaves, this unique tiling steals the show in this streamlined bathroom space. The natural references of the tile's pattern complements the natural wood finishes yet its calculated pattern works cohesively with the surrounding streamlined architecture.

For those looking for a little more whimsy, an ornate black and white pattern design can add a dynamic touch to an otherwise all-white bathroom.

For a more modern take on the former, black and white graphics in a geometric design brings energy to an all-white space and balances the floor-to-ceiling subway tile and 

Looking for another way to add a showstopping element to your bathroom? Check out this simple addition that will instantly transform the space.

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