20 Bathroom Tile Ideas That Are All the Inspiration You Need

bathroom with two mirrors over his and hers sinks

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

If there's one simple detail that transforms the style of any bathroom, it's the tiles. Their shape, size, material, and design instantly infuse the room with a certain character. Subway tile reads classic while switching it up to be vertical gives it a modern edge. Square ceramic tiles give a bit of a retro vibe, especially in a nostalgic colorway. Large slabs of marble or slate provide an understated elegance. Mixing and matching bathroom tile designs within a single space can be even more impactful, so get creative if you're planning on giving your bathroom a face-lift.

Ultimately, you can go simple and classic or bright and trendy, the end result is really up to you. But the biggest lesson is to have fun. We've rounded up bathroom tile ideas that are all the inspiration you need. Keep clicking for inspiring bathroom tile ideas we're pinning to our home makeover boards.

Vertically Stacked

white tile bathroom
ACP/Trunk Archive

Vertically laid tiles instantly modernize a bathroom. The smaller tiles mixed in among larger marble slabs create a striking juxtaposition.

Mild Mint

green tile bathroom
ACP/Trunk Archive

The fresh mint color of these ceramic tiles lining the walls and ceiling calls back to an earlier time.


black and white bathroom
Alyssa Rosenheck

Designing sans color can be a timeless approach. Vertical white tile pops against the black walls, fixtures, and tile lining the floor.

Triple the Tile

bathroom tile ideas
Heidi's Bridge

Three different tile styles are mixed in here for a traditional look that feels wonderfully old-fashioned.

Gradient Mosaic

modern bathroom tile ideas
ACP/Trunk Archive

Working with mosaic tiles is an opportunity to play with color. Choose tiles in different gradients of the same hue for a pixelated effect that's uniform to the right degree.

Hexagon Contrast

black tile bathroom floor
Alyssa Rosenheck

Not all tiles need be square or rectangular. These black hexagon tiles make a subtle statement and contrast beautifully against the classic square tiles in the shower.

Traditional Marble

contemporary bathroom design
ACP/Trunk Archive

Rectangular-cut marble brings texture to the walls and an understated elegance that complements traditional fixtures.

Monochromatic Mix

gray tile bathroom
ACP/Trunk Archive

Mixing different yet monochromatic materials in a neutral tone gives an earthy vibe to the space.

Play With Sizing

modern bathroom tile ideas
Alyssa Rosenheck

Combining contrasting tiles with significant size differences can help to create transitional spaces.

Artistic Aesthetic

traditional bathroom design
Alyssa Rosenheck

Make a traditional bathroom feel modern with painterly tiles in unique shapes and colors.

Crisp and Clean

Lauren Conrad bathroom
Justin Coit ; DESIGN: Katherine Carter

Interior designer, Katherine Carter went super minimal and modern for Lauren Conrad's bathroom adding cool layered vintage rugs on geometric white tiles.

Geometric Glam

Kelly Wearstler bathroom
Roger Davies ; DESIGN: Kelly Wearstler

When it comes to tile design, you can't go past Kelly Wearstler's guest bathroom. When we photographed this one for MyDomaine, we couldn't believe this wasn't the master. The geometric marble tiling in black and white is simply stunning. 

Understated Appeal

bathroom wallpaper ideas
Katherine Carter

This unique bathroom wallpaper print really takes center stage, so Katherine Carter went for a neutral hue for the floor tiles in a geometric shape to give it a little lift.

Geometric Gems

monochrome bathroom
Katie Martinez Design

Does it get much better than this? Subway tile on the walls with a patterned tile on the floor. The reason this works is the subdued monochrome color palette of black and white. We also love the gold hardware for that extra pop.

Color Play

blue bathroom
Catherine Kwong Design

This stunning dark bathroom has so many features we want to call out. The large dark navy tiles in the shower really complement the lighter blue tone of the wall paint, and the lighter floor tile pattern really lifts the room.

Creative Stacking

black bathroom
BHDM Design

This is a modern update for the white subway tile. We love the way they've laid out the tile on the side of the bath to break up the monotony and bring a creative flair. The flooring appears fairly simple until you look closer and see it's tiny geometric shapes. 

Subway Squares

pink bathroom
Elizabeth Roberts

We can't imagine a chicer bathroom than this. The sink and feature wall is rose quartz then you step inside a shower that is floor to wall white square tiles and striking gold hardware. That's how we want to start and end every day.

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