21 Stunning Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas for Style and Privacy

Large tub in a bathroom

Design: Ashley Montgomery Design

Photography: Lauren Miller

A bathroom with a lot of natural light is a great thing, but if you're lucky enough to have a load of natural light in your bathroom, you probably also have a window you need to consider.

When it comes to bathroom window treatments, you want something that will allow the light to filter through but will also give you privacy away from your neighbors, especially if your windows are lower. Plus, window treatments give some polish to the bathroom, giving your space that finishing touch that helps it feel complete.

If you're struggling to dress your bathroom windows, we've rounded up some of the best ideas. From curtains to blinds to shades, here are 21 ideas to inspire you.

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Add a Touch of Design

Bathroom with floral curtains

Design: Mary Patton Design

Photography: Molly Culver

We love a crisp white bathroom, but sometimes too much white can feel sterile and a little uninspired. But here a beautiful pink and black floral curtain acts almost as wall art and works wonderfully to open up the clean white space and add a pop of color. This light pink is unassuming, but still bold enough to add personality to the space while also covering the large windows.

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Go With the Theme

Marble bathroom

Design: Andrew Brown Interior Design

Photography: Hector Manuel Sanchez

There's just something incredibly chic and elevated about a marble bathroom. And if you decide to splurge on floor-to-ceiling marble, consider going the extra mile and pulling the theme through your window treatments. These custom shades are perfect for covering up the shower window while blending in with the rest of the bathroom.

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Opt for Long Curtains

Large curtains in a bathroom

Happily Ever After in Rosharon

Think curtains don't belong in a bathroom? Think again. A floor-grazing curtain is a great way to create an elegant and elevated bathroom that feels instantly luxurious. Long curtains also help to open up your bathroom and make it appear even larger than it is.

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Complement the Color Palette

Tub with traditional curtains

Design: Mary Patton Design

Photography: Molly Culver

Once you pick a color palette for your bathroom, opt for window treatments that complement, but don't distract from the rest of the space. Here white curtains with delicate details are the perfect sidekick to the graphic wallpaper.

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Opt for Natural Textures

Blue bathroom with large windows

Grace Cottage

Colorful tile is a wonderful way to add a load of interest to your bathroom, but it also is worthy of centerstage in your bathroom. In this light-filled bathroom, these neutral shades are perfect for covering the windows without clashing with the bold aqua subway tiles.

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Pick a Bold Color

Bathroom with blue curtain

Design: Alison Giese Interiors

Photography: Robert Radifera

Don't be afraid to be a little unexpected when it comes to the bathroom window treatments. Pick a bold color that plays well with the rest fo the hues in the bathroom, but if your window is small you can play around with the design and sprinkle in a little visual interest.

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Cover the Bottom Half

Tub with curtain

Design: Annie Elliott Design

Photography: Angie Seckinger

Covering the window for privacy is probably top of your mind, especially if you live close to your neighbors. But if you have a tall window, consider only a partial curtain that covers up the bottom pane so light can still peer in, but your nosy neighbor can't.

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Embrace Simplicity

Bathroom with white curtains

Thnk Chic Interiors

If you already have pretty busy bathroom, consider a window treatment that sits in the background simply doing its job. This simple white blind is a great choice for coverage that won't clash with the rest of the bathroom.

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Consider Blinds

Bathroom with slats in the windows

Design: Ashley Montgomery Design

Photography: Lauren Miller

Keep your space minimal and sleek by considering blinds or even built-in shutters instead of a curtain or a shade. This is a great way to cover up the windows when you need to in a way that basically disappears into the background.

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Add Warmth

Bathroom with curtain

Design: Georgia Zikas

Photography: Jane Beiles

Curtains are a great way to add a touch of warmth in your bathroom. A richer color with warm undertones such as beige or brown will make your space feel homier and cozy, but not dark or closed off.

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Let the Window Shine

Bathroom with curtains

Design: Becca Interiors

Photography: Rikki Snyder

When renovating your spa-like bathroom, a standing tub is key to creating a peaceful escape in your own home. If you have the space, consider installing bay windows to frame a soaking tub and opt for simple curtains to let the most natural light come through.

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Don't Be Afraid of Blackout Curtains

Bathroom with beige curtain

LeClair Decor

If your bathroom gets a ton of light, you may want the option to filter it out when simply need to soak in a tranquil, candle-lit bath in the middle of the day. Consider thick, velvet Roman shades that can filter out the light whenever you need it.

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Add a Touch of Texture

Bathroom with light curtain

Design: Pure Salt Interiors

Photography: Vanessa Lentine

Opting for white shades in your bathroom doesn't have to mean you can't add a touch of texture to your bathroom. These simple white curtains have a delicate vertical line pattern that adds a hint of visual texture to the space but still feels incredibly minimalist and unassuming.

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Pick an Accent Color

Bathroom with window treatments

Interior Impressions

Having a hard time deciding what color window treatment to go with in your space? Consider picking one color from your room and matching your curtains. For example, the natural brown shade here highlights the brown hues throughout the bathroom wallpaper.

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Go for the Dramatic

Powder room with dark curtain

Design: Gail Davis Designs

Photography: Lisa Russman

We love a black, moody bathroom, especially in a powder room. Here, the rich color theme is pulled throughout the space with a rich black roller blind to complete the look.

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Refresh a Rental

Purple walls in bathroom

Emily Henderson

Living in a rental means you probably can't make a lot of changes to your space. But a curtain the bathroom is a simple way to make your rental bathroom feel sophisticated and elevated without a renovation.

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Hang Simple Blinds

Wooden blinds in bathroom

Emily Henderson

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones. A neutral-colored blind can be a quick fix to add privacy to your bathroom. Plus they're easy to take care of and clean. Done and done!

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Cover an Odd Shaped Window

Bathroom with odd shaped window

Design: Kate Marker Interiors

Photography: Stoffer Photography Interiors 

Whether your window is a triangle like this one or you have a round or arched window in your bathroom, a curtain is a great way to cover it without shelling out for a custom window treatment.

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Go for Wood and White

Bathroom with wood vanity

Design: Britt Design Studio

Photography: Stylish Productions

We love pairing white walls with wood accents in the bathroom to create serene, modern look that is anything but boring. But when you already have wood textures in the space, consider keeping the window treatments simple and white.

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Add a Bit of Drama

Bathroom with white curtain

Betsy Anderson Interiors

The soft folds of this white window treatment are perfect for lending a traditional feel to this high-end space. Even if you don't have an oversized bathroom, you can make your bathroom feel classy and elegant with a striking shade.