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20 Luxurious Bathrooms Complete With Spa-Worthy Bathtubs

bay window bathtub

Design: Marika Meyer; Photo: Angie Seckinger

As we move through our daily routine, our bathroom takes a backseat as a strictly practical zone. It's where we brush our teeth, do our skincare routine, and, if we're feeling really ambitious, get gussied up for a Zoom call. But, if you want to stop and smell the rose-scented bubbles, a bathtub is a surefire way to turn your once strictly utilitarian space into a serene oasis.

Below, check out these standout bathtub ideas that will give any place spa-like vibes. Whether you want to renovate your current bathroom or use this as inspiration for your someday spa, you'll definitely want these bathtub ideas to sink in.

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Add a Flat Surface

bathtub with flat surface

Reena Sotropa

Just because a bathtub is luxurious doesn't mean it can't be practical, too. Reena Sotropa added a drop-in tub to this raised platform, which is made with an elevated combo of marble and small, hexagon tiles.

The Canadian designer stuck with a neutral color palette, giving the space a serene, sophisticated vibe. Best of all? The flat surface offers somewhere to place a phone or a tasty beverage.

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Wow Near a Window

bathtub window

Design: Sullivan Design Studio; Photo: Bernard Andre Photography

Looking for a bathtub with a view? Take a cue from Sullivan Design Studio. Here, the Bay Area-based firm placed the free-standing tub right next to a sun-drenched window. That way, you can enjoy a soak while taking in the great outdoors.

Don't worry if you have a smaller window—this design trick will still deliver.

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Embrace the Great Outdoors

stone bathtub

Design: Studio Schicketanz; Photo: Robert Canfield

If you do place your bathtub close to your windows, accessorize your space with natural elements. In this home, designed by Studio Schicketanz, the stone foundation, wooden cabinets, and neutral color palette feel like you're taking a soak in the great outdoors. You know, without leaving the house.

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Create Contrast

bath tub high contrast

Maite Granda

As this space from Maite Granda proves, you can never go wrong with a high-contrast color palette. Here, the Florida-based designer peppers the all-white room with a black mirror, cabinets, and matte hardware. The result? A soothing space that can withstand time and trends.

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Separate Your Shower and Soaking Tub

bathtub idea

Design: If Walls Could Talk; Photo: Joelle Smith

As far as we're concerned, there's nothing more glamorous than a separate shower and a free-standing tub. This bathroom gives this special setup a modern edge with an oversized backsplash and curved rim along the tub.

Don't have the square footage for anything beyond a shower-tub combination? Sleek, modern touches will give you place the look and feel of a five-star hotel.

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Surprise With a Shape-Shifting Setup

shape bathtub

Design: Kendall Wilkinson; Photo: Paul Dyer

Or, if you want to turn the tub itself into art, opt for an unconventionally shaped silhouette. "Sometimes, the bling isn't the hardware or the light fixtures," designer Kendall Wilkinson explains. "In this master bath situated in Monte Sereno, California, we sourced a custom tub carved out of a solid piece of onyx, faceted to look like a precious stone."

The tub centers on a pair of doors that opens the bathroom directly to the outside, creating an authentic spa and zen-like bathing experience. 

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Make the Most With Metal

metal bathtub

Pembrooke & Ives

Want to add some warmth to your soaking tub? Consider mixing and matching materials. For example, Pembrooke & Ives decked out a free-standing bathtub with a metal finish.

Not only does this unlikely pairing create the allusion of a very chic stock tank, but it also reflect the light just right, transforming any space into a bright, airy oasis.

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Get Classy With a Clawfoot

clawfoot bathtub

Design: Cathie Hong; Photo: Margaret Austin Phoot

Clawfoot bathtubs have been the epitome of class since the Victorian Ages, so they're an easy way to bring some elegance to your space. Bay Area-based designer Cathie Hong gave the traditional bathroom staple an artistic edge with black legs and gilded hardware, creating the perfect mix of old and new.

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Paint it Black

black bathtub

Design: Cortney Bishop; Photo: Katie Charlotte

More times than not, freestanding tubs are coated in a glossy, white finish. But, if you want to shake up the status quo, add an unexpected pop of color to your tub.

Here, Cortney Bishop opted for a style with a matte, black finish. While the tub is certainly eye-catching, it does not upstage the rest of the room.

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Add Some Art

art bathtub

Design: Marea Clark; Photo: Amy Barnard

Give your bathtub an artful edge with a beautiful painting or edgy photograph. Here, Marea Clark hangs a sweet scalloped-style art piece over the width of the tub. The soothing periwinkle and white palette double down on this space's spa-like vibes.

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Get Creative With Your Combo

combo bathtub

Design: Studio Robert McKinley; Photo: Sarah Elliot

Just because you're stuck with a shower-tub combination doesn't mean it can look good, too. Dress up this conventional setup with vertical matte tiles and gilded hardware, as seen in this space by Studio Robert McKinley.

Of course, there's more to this tub than good looks—the recessed shelf offers a convenient place to stow shampoo and soap.

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Place in an Under-Utilized Nook

bay window bathtub

Design: Marika Meyer; Photo: Angie Seckinger

Have an awkward, empty space and don't know what to do with it? Designer Marika Meyer found the perfect solution. In this sun-drenched space, the bathtub is designed to sit perfectly in this niche, with views of the water from the bay windows

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Fancify Your Floors

Living in a rental apartment? You can recreate the look with some peel and stick floor decals.

If your bathroom is covered with older design details, give your space a modern edge with a new floor. The mismatched tiles Emily Henderson used here perfectly offsets the clawfoot tub and navy wainscoting.

Living in a rental apartment? You can recreate the look with some peel-and-stick floor decals.

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Illuminate Your Tub

light bathtub

Rachel Cannon

Talk about a bright idea! News Orleans-based designer Rachel Cannon suspended a cool pendant above this free-standing tub. The result? A serene look that looks good from every angle.

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Embrace Your Bold Streak

colorful bathtubs

Katie Martinez

Soaking tubs might be synonymous with serenity, but what's a design lover to do if they love a maximalist space? Go big or go home, just like Katie Martinez did in this charming bathroom. Here, the designer incorporates a cherry red bathtub and patterned wallpaper, complete with colorful brushstrokes.

To keep this space from feeling over the top, Martinez anchored the space with neutrals.

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Style With Subtlety

marble bathtub

Design: Maestri Studio; Photo: Nathan Shroder

As the saying goes, the devil lies in the details. If you want to make your space equal parts stunning and subtle, match your bathtub's facade to your wall, as seen in this room by Maestri Studio.

One quick glance and you may overlook the marble-clad bathtub. However, when you really look hard, you'll love the understated elegance hiding in plain sight. If marble isn't your speed, you can always recreate the look with tile or terrazzo.

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Lounge Away

bathtub design

KAA Design

Consider this space from KAA Design the perfect place to hang before, during, and after your time in the tub. Not only does this supersized tub have a gorgeous view of the great outdoors, but the throw pillows along the perimeter are suitable for a luxurious, post-soak lounge.

Recreate this look in your home by placing a bench next to your tub and layering on the throw pillows.

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Pack on the Plants

windowless bathtub

Design: Sweeten; Photo: Madeline Tolle

Every so often, you stumble upon a bathroom with minimal windows, making it virtually impossible to have a sun-drenched soak. If natural light is at a minimum, breathe some life into your space by placing leafy greens near your bathtub, and let this setup from Sweeten show you how it's done.

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Opt for Endless Enter

bathtub with entertainment

Rocky Rochon

As this room from Rocky Rochon proves, a luxurious bathroom can be pretty and practical. With a free-standing tub, high-contrast palette, and sweet penny tiles below, this serene space doesn't skimp on style.

However, the metal bath tray and mounted television offer endless entertainment as you kick back and relax. Translation? This is one bathroom you'd want to hang out in for hours on end.

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A Splash of Symmetry

symmetrical bathtub

Alexandra Kaehler

Since a symmetrical room is basically the visual equivalent to ASMR, it's a surefire way to lean into those spa vibes. Here, Alexandra Kaehler strategically placed a free-standing tub between two built-in cabinets and coordinating sconces. A moody painting rounds out the look, offering a touch of drama to this serene space.