25 Beach House Living Rooms That Will Make Every Day Feel Like Summer

beach house living room

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Any calendar will tell you warm days and long nights are coming to an end, but if you ask us, summer is a state of mind. You can get all the ambiance of a seaside holiday or a day at the beach without even setting foot outside your living room. No matter your zip code, instantly transport yourself to an island locale via these 25 inspiring beach house-themed living rooms.

Sand and Sea

The easiest way to bring the beach into your home or apartment is to bring in the colors you see when you're sitting seaside. Think all shades of blue and teal, paired with sandy tones and deep caramels.

Black Sand Beach

Since dark rooms can be surprisingly airy, embrace the darkest one of all: black. Play up the island vibes with rattan accessories, white linen fabrics, and a variety of palm leaves.

Seaside Escape

With the right elements, you can bring the ocean to even the driest of climates. Incorporating elements like ikat dyes, sandy textures, crisp whites, and tons of light will transport you to a seaside escape every time.

Minimal Meets Maritime

Designing a beachy space doesn't mean it has to scream seaside décor. You can enjoy the elements of minimal design and still channel moments spent on the shore. Incorporate jute textures, palm leaves, and bright white walls for an understated island vibe.

Coastal Chill

Sometimes creating a special space comes down to a single statement design element. This seashell chandelier takes this living room from a blue and white room to a coastal chill spot.

Beach Fog

Grey days at the beach can be among the most peaceful. Bring that same gloomy-yet-beautiful serenity into your home year-round with a grey, white, and blue color palette. A moody photograph adds a nice touch, too.

Old World Meets Oceana

Not all beach houses have a modern design. This living room fuses antique elements with contemporary accessories in a way that flows beautifully. We especially love the playful semi-abstract painting above the mantel.

Surf and Turf

Who said leather doesn't belong in a beach house? Transform any living room with a few added touches of rattan, beach wood, and a variety of blue hues.

Sea and Sky

There is no better color palette for creating a beach-themed living room than the colors of the sea and sky. Mixing in a variety of wood, rattan, and wicker textures add tons of interest to such a classic scheme of blue and white.

Sunshine State of Mind

Blue isn't the only color that conveys a day at the beach. Colors often found in a beach umbrella, like yellow, orange, green, and red, bring the sunshine in, no matter how cold it gets outside. Final touches like palm leaves, coral, and bamboo accents tie it all together.

Coral Reef

Another color that brings ocean vibes inside is none other than coral. Minimal touches of this pinky-orange hue will transport you to the Great Barrier Reef in no time. A beachy chandelier helps, too.

Island Hopping

There's a way to embrace beachy motifs, palm prints, and a blue color scheme that doesn't feel cookie-cutter. This island-inspired living room feels playful and on-theme without looking like grandma's Florida room.

Midcentury Maritime

When creating a coastal-inspired space, don't forget you can take inspiration from other design styles to make your vision come to life. This living room would look fabulous in any beach house, but it also boasts a midcentury modern feel from the curved, clean lines to the minimal art on the wall.

Sailor Stripes

Blue and white stripes evoke feelings of life at sea. Bring those maritime motifs into an otherwise muted living room via a spacious area rug and fluffy throw pillows.


If you're fortunate enough to actually live on the beach, installing wall-to-wall sliding doors brings the actual ocean right into your living room décor. You have a view—show it off.

Waterfront Hygge

The best part of a beach house is the endless-summer vibes, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the cozy feel you want in the winter. Contrast beach wood, wicker, and palm leaves with faux fur, high-pile rugs, and warm knits. Just be sure to keep the color palette minimal and airy.


The nice thing about working with a blue and white color palette is the ability to mix together endless prints. From the leaf-print pillows to the mosaic tray and polka-dot rug, playing with patterns of similar hues is totally foolproof.

Under the Stars

There's no feeling like enjoying the beach under a million stars. Bring that same feeling into your living room with a stunning display of wicker pendant lamps hanging from the ceiling.

A Day at the Beach

There's no better way to turn your living room into a beach-day escape than incorporating actual beach-day essentials. These teak sling beach chairs add seating to your space, and can easily be folded up and thrown in your trunk before heading to a seaside getaway.

Seaside Setting

The most effective design element is none other than a patterned wallpaper. Transform any room into a tropical hideaway via a palm-printed statement wall.

Pastel Abyss

An abstract coastline painting is just what you need to step up a muted living room and let the ocean breeze in. The jute rug and bamboo furniture in this space add the finishing touches.

The Blue Lagoon

Walking into a room decorated in floor-to-ceiling blue, it's impossible not to be overcome with a sense of coastline calm. We especially love the pattern play in this space, from the chevron-printed couch to the chunky stripe rug.

Coral Crush

Orange and blue are complementary colors (according to color theory), so it's no wonder why a coral and teal color palette just works. And because they're two hues often found in the ocean together, they evoke the feeling of the sea without the need for beachy motifs.

Uptown Meets Beach Town

You can bring beach casual décor to an uptown loft while still maintaining a sophisticated elegance. The use of a blue, white, and cream color palette, paired with beach wood elements and nautical stripes, transforms this space in an understatedly coastal way.

By the Seashore

Transforming a space into a living room fit for a beach house doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Hit up your local flea markets to source special pieces, like bamboo furniture and vintage picture frames.

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