Rare Deadstock Beaded Pillows From the '80s Finally See the Light

Direct from the archives, Stone Textile's latest collection is unlike anything we've ever seen. Its history comes in three acts, beginning with Jo Hoge. She started a home décor company that produced one-of-a-kind leather pillows with hand-beaded details -- with an fairly compensation for its skilled workers. Act two began in the 1980s when Stanley Marcus, founder of Neiman Marcus, was taken aback by her passion and design. Hoge agreed to create a line of pillows for Neiman Marcus, but due to civil unrest in Pakistan, the flow of trade with the U.S. was disrupted. Out of concern of the safety for her workers, Hoge was forced to close her facility for good and store away the product for the rest of her lifetime. Cut to 2013, when designer Kelly LaPlante's husband, Michael, came across Hoge's pillow samples while conducting a car deal with a close friend of Hoge's daughter. When Kelly laid her eyes on them, she decided it was time for the gems to re-emerge. After showing her friend and former colleague, Elizabeth Mollen of Stone Textile, the two finally gave the pillows the public appearance they'd never had. Add your favorite to your cart now, the limited collection won't be around forever.


stone1 stone2
Black + Green Tribe Pillow, $215 Black Lava Flanged Pillow, $250
stone4 stone3
Purple + White Tribe Pillow, $185 B+W Tribe Pillow, $215
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