Bearaby Launches Its Heaviest Blanket Yet—And It’s Perfect for Couples

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MyDomaine/Design by Sabrina Jiang

MyDomaine/Design by Sabrina Jiang

From the soothing fragrance of a pillow spray to the relaxing reflections of star projectors, we’ll do just about anything to get our best rest and beat the stress of the day. The team over at Bearaby is on the same wavelength, which explains the brand's newest launch. Say hello to The Hugger, Bearaby's largest weighted blanket ever.

The large and in-charge blanket is the equivalent of a queen-size duvet clocking in at 90 x 90-inches and 35 pounds. Its size and weight mean it’s enough for you and someone else to share—or you know, just you. Based on scientifically backed research, weighted blankets are proven to help reduce cortisol levels (thanks to Deep Pressure Stimulation, or DPS) allowing for a smoother transition into sleep and longer rest periods. Throw in the blanket's ability to increase the production of serotonin—yes, the happy chemical—and it’s the answer to your restful dreams.

Those constantly on the lookout for the ideal set of sheets or the coziest duvet will be pleased to find The Hugger’s colors of Moonstone Gray and Cloud White allow the piece to be seamlessly styled into any home. Choosing the Bearaby allows us to bring more sustainability into our spaces as well. It's is made from breathable, organic cotton and crafted with no harmful plastics. Plus, the process utilizes 85 percent less water than other methods, and if you ever consider getting rid of it (which we doubt will happen), it’s compostable.

The Hugger is available now on the Bearaby website. As a heads up, these cozy must-haves racked up an 80,000 person waitlist in the past and call celebs like Mindy Kaling and Kristen Bell fans. You can easily compare the Hugger below to three other members of the Bearaby's family, then decide which blanket is best for you.

Bearaby Hugger

Bearaby Hugger

This one is hand-knit, like all the other blankets, and will fit across your full or queen-sized mattress. One of our editors is testing this new blanket right now, and after a few days found that "thanks to the blanket’s loose-knit, it’s actually incredibly breathable—you could layer it with another blanket according to your temperature needs, rather than needing to adjust your thermostat."

While she was a bit intimidated by the 35-pound weight, as she took it out and moved it around, the weight feels very evenly distributed. "It feels heavier than your typical throw blanket, but because it’s so big, it’s not dense, like I was expecting."

Bearaby Cotton Napper


Bearaby’s Cotton Napper is a versatile find that's perfect for couch snuggling. With three different weights and sizes, the blanket can fit the needs of anyone looking for a bit more zen after a day of work. Pick one up in five different colors, each with a cozy, woven design. It’s also a decor darling that’ll work in every space. 

Bearaby Velvet Napper

Velvet Napper

You can feel ultra-luxe with this upcycled velvet weighted blanket. The soft, brushed material gives an elevated look to the comfy staple, and it’s crafted from recycled marine plastic which helps to prevent 900 plastic bottles from polluting the oceans.

Bearaby Tree Napper

Bearaby Tree Napper in red

If you tend to get warm at night and throw your covers off in a fit of heat, the Tree Napper is for you. This Bearaby staple proves that weighted blankets aren’t stifling. With its eucalyptus fibers and silky feel, you’ll get all the restful benefits of the brand’s other creations without enduring any extra heat.

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