Bearaby Teamed Up With West Elm to Create the Chicest Weighted Blankets

navy blanket

West Elm

Over the last few years, weighted blankets have become increasingly popular in the home goods realm. There are literally thousands for sale online, available in a variety of sizes, weights, and filling types. The idea behind weighted blankets is that they can ease anxiety and help improve sleep, and there have been a handful of studies supporting these claims.

Unfortunately, most weighted blankets aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. For whatever reason, they tend to look incredibly therapeutic and similar to a heating blanket. Luckily, Bearaby, a direct-to-consumer, sustainable weighted blanket startup, just collaborated with West Elm to launch a luxurious weighted blanket collection that works way beyond the bedroom. 

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Bearaby x West Elm Velvet Weighted Blanket $249.00

Kathrin Hamm founded Bearaby in 2018, on a mission to combine the science behind weighted blankets with comfort, innovation, design, and sustainability. In fact, it is the first of its kind, consisting of zero artificial filling or toxic materials, making it the most eco-friendly and all-natural choice within the marketplace. 

“Bearaby stands alone as the most environmentally-conscious weighted blanket brand in the marketplace, abstaining from the use of any plastics or toxic materials in their offerings,” Hamm tells MyDomaine. “Bearaby brings a supremely unique and sustainable offering to the market with the Tree Napper, which is completely biodegradable and formulated with Tencel in a responsible, closed loop process that uses 10 times less water than conventional fibers.”

What Is Tencel?

Tencel is a fiber produced from the cellulose found in wood pulp through an environmentally responsible process.

The Bearaby x West Elm collaboration is clear proof that the weighted blanket industry is booming, and that the Bearaby brand is onto something with their stylish, sustainability-driven products. The partnership is also a way to introduce the weighted blanket into the lifestyle space, encouraging consumers to use them outside of the bedroom to improve their overall wellness and lower stress levels. 

light blue blanket
Bearaby x West Elm Tencel Weighted Blanket $249.00

The blankets, constructed out of West Elm’s sustainable materials and weaved in Bearaby’s distinct, unique style—a chunky hand-knitted weave that sort of brings you back to those cozy blankets grandma used to knit—are available in a variety of colors in three different weights (15lb, $249; 20lb, $259; 25lb, $279) and two distinct fabrications, Tencel (in Stone White, Frost Grey, and Glass Blue) and velvet (in Dusty Blush, Platinum, Nightshade, Marble White, and Sunbeam Yellow.)

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