The 24 Most Beautiful Places in the World, Period

Updated 05/01/19

The globe is dotted with millions of beautiful destinations worth seeing (well, that's more of a ballpark estimate). And while it might be near impossible to visit all the world's wonders in this lifetime, it's worth narrowing down a travel bucket list to dream about and strive for. And even that's easier said than done since there are so many buzzy destinations to consider, ranging from quiet beachside hideaways to historic Medieval cities, modern meccas, and outdoor adventure parks.

To help you come up with your own travel bucket list, we curated a collection of the 24 most visually arresting places on the planet, though they look like otherworldly settings. Some of these may be in your own backyard, while others are far away, but each is worth traveling to or at least worth replacing your current screensavers (to make it happen, we recommend printing these out and hanging them near your desk as daily motivation). Now for less talking and more gawking, scroll through this fresh batch of 24 dreamscapes that capture the most beautiful places in the world below.

A Pink Lagoon in Bolivia

Most Beautiful Places On Earth
Agustavop/Getty Images

Have you ever seen a landscape so whimsical? The impressive Laguna Colorada is a red lake in the Bolivian Andes mountain range of the Atacama Desert known for being full of flamingos and beauty.

A Palace on the Lake in Rajasthan

Beautiful Travel Destinations
Meinzahn/Getty Images

There are so many beautiful places to explore in India, but one of the first on our lists is the Lake Palace in Udaipur Rajasthan. As you can probably sense from the image above, it's perfect for anyone seeking tranquility, unique backdrops, architecture, and incredible culinary experiences. 

Cypress Gardens in the American South

Beautiful Places
Danita Delimont/Getty Images

Does this look familiar to you? Does it make you catalyze daydreams of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling circa 2004? That's because it was the filming location for the rainstorm/swan/crying scene in the Notebook. And even without that pedigree, this cypress garden in South Carolina is arguably the best place to live out a fairy-tale romance on earth.

Vivid Lakes in Western Australia

Beautiful Places in the World
ACP/Trunk Archive

Rumored to be the most captivating desert island in the world, we're itching to go see Dirk Hartog Island in Western Australia. Who knew so many different colors of water could exist so close together?

A Fairy-tale River in the Czech Republic

Most Beautiful Cities in the World
Anna Stowe/Loop Images/Getty Images

Perhaps one of the most iconic and oldest cities in Europe, Prague is a destination any traveler would love to explore. The scenic views are endless and a little bit like Disneyland (just look at the Charles River above), only much more authentic and beautiful. Keep your camera on hand as you explore the enchanting neighborhoods.

Terraced Rice Fields in Vietnam

Jakkree Thampitakkull/Getty Images

Located in Mù Cang Chải, Vietnam, these terraced rice fields create an enchanting pattern stretching across the mountaintops.

Sprawling White Sands in New Mexico


The ethereal beauty of the White Sands National Monument makes it the ideal destination to plan a road trip around if you appreciate aesthetics and style. It's located in New Mexico, but it's only a few hours away from the art hub of Marfa, Texas.

Waterfront Bliss in Mandalay

Supoj Buranaprapapong/Getty Images

Those still, calm waters are making us want to jump through the screen and onto that boat. Pictured is the U Bein Bridge in Mandalay, Myanmar. 

A Magical Forest In China

Pablo Omar Palmeiro/Getty Images

The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park exudes a haunting beauty that will transport you to another dimension. This cable car is near the city of Wulingyuan and looks like an unforgettable ride.

A Rainbow of Homes in Morocco

David Schwab /EyeEm/Getty Images

The Moroccan city of Marrakech is an incredible destination for anyone who loves design, bustling locales, and desert landscapes. Even this shot of sprawling homes in residential district houses against the sky is dreamy. 

Argentinian Salt Pans


Surrounded by mountains in every direction, the Salinas Grandes in Argentina is a striking salt pan landscape with aquamarine water running throughout the dry earth. It's unique, and it feels like you've landed on another planet.

A Poppy Field in the French Countryside

Jean-Christophe Coutand Meheut/500px

Known as the Garden of France, Loire Valley is where you need to go if you have a thing for castles, fields of poppies and lavender, intimate wine tastings, and incredible shopping. 

Abstract Patterns In the Southwest

WIN-Initiative/Getty Images

The extraordinary abstract patterns of the Antelope Canyon in Arizona seem too gorgeous to be real. Outdoor adventures and dazzling rocks await you.

A City by the Sea in Brazil

Nicole Franzen

Rio De Janerio has it all: a beautiful beach for lounging and soaking up the sun, endless cultural activities, a lush landscape, and mountaintop views.

Hot Air Balloons Over Turkey

Katherine Wolkoff/Trunk Archive

The fleet of hot air balloons flying over Turkey is a sight to see, and we'd love to take part in one someday.

The Ethereal Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Gal Meets Glam

Of all the reasons to visit Iceland—from the charming towns, natural geysers, and black sand beaches—the blue lagoon is calling our names.

Remote Waterfalls in Japan

Grant Faint/Getty Images

This vivid orange pagoda in Nachikatsuura, Japan, is made all the more beautiful by the Nachi falls behind it. Between the pink cherry blossom trees, bright and exciting cities, and enchanting bamboo forest, what's not to see in Japan?

Island Bliss in the Greek Islands

Nicole Franzen

The soft purple skies over Mykonos are enough to lure us over to the Greek islands right this second.

A Lakeside Chateau in Switzerland


The fairy tale–like Chateau de Chillon is tucked away on Lake Geneva in the Swiss mountains. 

A Coastal Desert in Nambia


With deep, moody green waters and bright sunlight peeking through the weeping treetops, this swimming cave in Tulum, Mexico, looks like a portal into another realm. Whether you trek into the wooded areas, stay by the coast, or venture into the cities, Mexico is a must-see.

Swimming Cave on the Mexico Riviera


This petrified tree looks straight out of a Salvador Dalí painting. It's located in Namib, a coastal desert of Nambia, and this dried up marshland known as Deadvlei has been dead for over a 1000 years. Much of this national landmark isn't accessible to visitors, there are certain attractions you can visit since it's the largest game reserve in the world. Aside from the white sand salt pans, you'll also see the vivid orange dunes.

Lush Green Lakes in Croatia

We the People Style

Peel away from the Croatian coast, and head inland to the woodsy Plitvice Lakes. If you love the outdoors, this is the place of dreams with running rivers and gorgeous green lagoons to swim in, isolated dirt roads to bike down, and gorgeous villages to explore along the way.

Rainbow Mountains in China

Jef Wodniack/Getty Images

Here's another destination outdoor adventurers and art enthusiasts will love. Situated in the Gansu province of China, Zhangye-Danxia National Geopark is a landform of rainbow mountains.

The Italian Seaside (And Beyond)

Egg Canvas

Though we are partial to the Italian seaside and island communities, we also have a special place high up on our travel bucket list for the sprawling grapevines of Tuscany, the stylish cosmopolitan cities, and the romantic towns that lull you to sleep with water lapping against the buildings (hi, Venice). 

What's the most beautiful place in the world you've visited? Fuel our wanderlust in the comments below. 

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