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20 Beautiful Staircases That Are the Epitome of a Grand Entrance

Grand staircase in home.

Amy Bartlam

When it comes to styling spaces in your home, your staircase probably isn't the first area that comes to mind. Even though this is a transitional space and you probably don't spend much time there, chances are you use it every day—so why not give it some extra love?

We rounded up 21 beautiful staircases that make huge statements, giving you the inspiration you need to create your own grand entrance.

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Try a Textured Tile

Tiled stairs

Leaf and Lolo

Most staircases are wood, but if you want to channel Mediterranean vibes, tiles are the way to go. They add depth and texture to a usually plain step, plus, you can get them in pretty much any color or pattern you could ever imagine.

Not in your budget to tile your stairs? Go for a stick-on option that's not only budget-friendly but easier to install.

Tiled staircase
Here & There Mandala Decorative Stickers $35.00
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Keep it Simple

neutral staircase

The House on Hillside Lane

Sometimes, less really is more. This non-fussy staircase makes a statement all on its own. It's simple, clean, and the contrasting railing leads your eye up to the natural hanging on the wall.

Even though the wood on the banister and steps don't match the floor exactly, the neutral wood tone doesn't clash with the cool-toned floor. It's the perfect way to style an entryway: inviting, clean, and stylish.

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Channel Coastal Vibes

beachy staircase

Becca Interiors

This classic white and wood staircase has a cool ocean-inspired twist. A distressed dresser not only acts as a landing place for keys, wallets, and bags, but also serves as extra storage for seasonal items like hats and scarves.

The neutral tones keep it from looking busy, but the texture keeps it from being boring. It kind of feels like stepping into a coastal retreat.

Urban Outfitters Amelia Dresser
Urban Outfitters Amelia Dresser $799.00
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Make a Gallery Wall

Staircase with gallery wall.

Amy Bartlam

Let's be real, gallery walls are a great option to help fill any blank wall space. We're loving the black and white theme of this one, and the matching frames help it feel cohesive and clean.

If your style is more maximalist, try going for mismatched frames and colorful artwork to jazz up your space.

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Let Light Do the Work

staircase with dramatic lighting

Bespoke Only

If you needed a sign to replace the builder-grade light fixtures in your home, this is it. Even if you don't have much of an entryway, great lighting can make a statement. The globe on this pendant light casts crystal-like shadows all over the walls, making it feel like some kind of art installation.

Thankfully, it's pretty easy to install a pendant light. Or, if that's not your thing, it's even easier to hire a TaskRabbit to do it for you. All you need to do is provide a stylish light to hang.

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Make a Statement with Art

staircase with hanging lights

Photo: Anne Sage

Not sure what to do with the blank space between a landing and a staircase? Designer Lindye Galloway filled the space in this sky-high stairway with seven metal globes to fill the empty space and draw guests' eyes up. The best part? They light up, projecting star-like shadows onto the walls.

We might not all have the space to hang art-worthy globes in our stairway, but taking inspiration and hanging a chandelier or Instagram-worthy pendant light can have the same effect.

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Create a Seating Area

gallery wall near stairs

LA Designer Affair

If your staircase is near your front door, a seating area can be a great addition. Not only does it allow you to tie in the space to the rest of your house, but it is a great place to sit down and put on your shoes before you leave—instead of trying to balance while putting them on and rushing out the door.

This comfy velvet chair in a rich earth tone adds color to an otherwise monochrome space, and the side table is perfect for setting down your keys or wallet while you get ready.

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Go Full Glam

glass and brass stairs

Maite Granda

Talk about elegance—this staircase, complete with a neutral runner and gorgeous gold stair rods, match the handrail. Instead of using traditional spindles under the handrail, the designer here opted for clear glass, allowing you to see the details on the stairs and risers without blocking your line of sight.

As an added bonus, the glass serves as an extra safety feature for those who have kids or pets and may play or run up the stairs.

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Create Symmetry

Grand staircase in home.

Amy Bartlam

This staircase combines modern, sleek lines with traditional plaster and concrete steps. But, it's the symmetry that makes this stairway look incredible.

The matching lamps, repeating arch shapes, and cool gray-blue tones make you feel like you're walking into a Spanish villa. Plus, some fresh greenery is always a good idea.

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Let a Rug Do the Talking

grand staircase with rug

Studio KT

If you don't have the budget for a complete overhaul of your space, a rug could be an option to add color and dimension to your entrance. This neutral rug brightens up the dark floor, and the beautiful snake pattern is an unexpected graphic touch. We love the way it looks like it's weaving itself in and out of the frame.

A rug or carpet with a geometric pattern could pack a similar punch.

Project 62 block tufted rug
Project 62 Block Tufted Area Rug $180.00
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Choose a Minimal Railing

minimal stairs

Reena Sotropa

Some traditional stair railings are clunky and can actually make your space look smaller. A metal, minimal-style railing like this one not only opens up the space near your stairs, but also adds a fun design element.

The iron-like look keeps things sleek, while the oval accents add visual interest. Plus, the black creates a gorgeous contrast against white and natural-colored stairs.

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Divide a Space with Plants

Stairs with plants

Leaf and Lolo

If you've got a set of stairs you don't often use or that lead to a closet instead of a room, use it to display your plant collection. It gives the otherwise unused space a purpose, plus it can literally elevate your greenery and help it get the light it needs. Lindsay of Leaf and Lolo even added some riser details to further glam up these four steps.

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Mix and Match Patterns

Stairway with patterned steps

Jenn Pablo Studio

Who says all your risers have to match? Using different patterns in the same color palette adds a ton of visual interest to a plain space. Even though the patterns are different, they don't compete here, thanks to the basic colors.

To keep things from looking too busy, keep the rest of the area minimal, allowing the stairs to take center stage.

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Keep the Contrast

Staircase with contrasting stairs and bannister.

Amy Bartlam

If you just can't decide on one color, why not go for three? The wood, white, and black accents help keep this traditional spindle and railing combo from looking too boring, yet, it doesn't look outlandish.

Plus, depending on what you have in your own home, this could be as simple as a new paint job on just one part of your stairs: the railing, spindles, or the tread and risers.

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Open It Up

Open staircase with glass railing.

Brophy Interiors

If you don't want to bother hanging photos or adding tons of décor to your staircase, let the staircase do all the talking. In this ultra-modern home, the concrete floating stairs add so much visual interest to the space, alongside lots of plants and gorgeous velvet chairs.

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Let Plants Add Some Life

Beachy coastal staircase entryway.

Pure Salt Interiors

There's no better way to dress up a staircase than with lots of adorable accessories—including your sun-loving houseplants. A few vines from a pothos or philodendron will do the trick in bringing a little life to your stairs, but you could also go all out and have thick, luscious vines all around. You could even put a plant on each step.

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Opt for Gorgeous Spindles

White grand staircase.

Calimia Home

Sometimes, all it takes is a little love to restore classic fixtures like spindles and banister. This gorgeous staircase says a lot with just a little bit of color and material mixing, proving that there is beauty in simplicity.

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Add Some Paint

Staircase painted as piano.

Andreas Speich/EyeEm/Getty

Okay, you don't have to paint piano keys on your steps to make a statement, but the option is there. Paint is a quick and relatively easy way to update steps that have seen better days.

Be sure to prep them before you paint, though. Priming the stairs helps the new paint stick better, and using heavy-duty paint that's meant for high-traffic areas will ensure your stairs look great for years to come.

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Keep it Natural

Natural wooden staircase in beachy home.

Calimia Home

Keeping the wood on your stair tread and banister can also make a statement. It not only showcases beautiful wood designs but gives a warm, beachy feel. Plus, if you do it right, you can even mix wood tones throughout your home to keep things from feeling too matchy-matchy.

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Make the Most of the Space You Have

Small staircase with leopard print runner.

Brexton Cole Interiors

If you've got open space under your stairs, make the most of it. It's the perfect space for a bar cart, extra storage, or even just a décor moment. Or, as seen above, if you're working with a small flight of stairs, make it into a showstopping staircase by adding a printed runner—go big and go home.