This Is How a Beauty Blogger Decorates Her Family Home

Finding the balance between a stylish and kid-friendly interior can be challenging, but Bare Beauty founder Jessica Morse took it one step further with her Charleston home. The "clean" beauty enthusiast worked with interior stylist Ruth Campbell to decorate an elevated sanctuary for her family with a nontoxic and sustainable state of mind. “I wanted to honor the home’s history, but decorating exclusively with antiques can create a stuffy feeling—fast,” she told MyDomaine. “We mixed old and new to create a functional family home, and when we do buy new, we aim for sustainable, fair-trade, nontoxic, and eco-friendly options.”

While the styling came easy, sourcing them wasn’t. “To quote Tom Petty, the waiting is the hardest part,” she explained. “Searching for months or even years for an antique that fits the space, aesthetic, and budget will try anyone’s patience, but it’s always worth it. Also, if I’m buying a new piece, I try to wait until I can find an eco-friendly, ethically made option. Let’s just say that it’s taken four years for this house to come together.” Ahead, Morse shares her style notes and decorating process.