TikTok Convinced Me to Buy This Beauty Item, and it's Become My New Go-To

Cooluli Skincare Fridge


I love a clever TikTok video as much as the next person, but there are trends from the platform that I’ll never fully understand. If you ask me, whipped coffee looks a bit like peanut butter in a glass, and I doubt I’ll ever be coordinated enough to master any of the viral dances.

However, there is one craze that called my name after watching a number of videos, and that’s the beauty fridge (seriously, why does every girl between the ages of 15 and 25 have one?). After seeing these mini appliances pop up over and over again, I decided that I needed one in my life ASAP. 

If you’ve never seen a beauty fridge, the first thing to note is that they’re quite small. While a traditional mini fridge certainly could store all of my skincare products and more, these guys hold roughly the equivalent of two soda cans. In fact, one super stylish TikTokker I follow uses hers to hold San Pellegrino seltzer water next to her bed—because she’s way more together than I ever was at 17. Brands like Cooluli have started branching out into slightly larger sizes though (they also just launched an adorable limited edition mini fridge with evian that could be used to store beauty products alongside water).

“The real benefit of the beauty fridge is the luxury of keeping aloe-based lotions, sheet masks, toners and facial tools like gua sha and jade rollers cool to the touch,” Sara D’Amelio of Skincando says. “When these products are used cold, they help to reduce puffiness and feel more soothing, especially after a glycolic mask if you were doing an at-home facial.” 

Beauty fridges are very cute. Do you really need one? No, but they are an adorable luxury to have and if they bring you joy, why not?

So why spend $50 on this small device when you can simply keep your face cream in your kitchen refrigerator and call it a day? Well, anyone who ever took their jade roller out of the freezer only to find that it smells vaguely like frozen Brussels sprouts can attest: having a separate space devoted solely to skincare products can make all the difference. Your morning eye depuffing ritual will feel that much better when your equipment and products don't remind you of last night’s dinner sides. Plus, if you have roommates, a separate storage system is a much more sanitary approach for everyone. 

Admittedly, I don’t use the beauty fridge that I ordered quite as much as I anticipated I would, mainly because I have set it up in my bedroom—not the bathroom—due to space constraints. There are definitely times where I sleepily apply whatever’s most accessible in my medicine cabinet while forgetting about the chilled face cream that awaits me on my dresser.

That said, the fridge has been nice for days when I know I want a bit of a cooling sensation on my face before going to bed—and when I first began using it during the hot summer months, that was quite often.

Before you place all of your go-to products inside such a fridge, though, take a quick look at their labels. “I would not recommend keeping any product made with coconut oil in the beauty fridge, as oil solidifies when cold and could break the delicate formulation, which would destroy your expensive product,” D’Amelio notes. 

If you share a bathroom with others (and want to make sure that roommates or SOs aren’t dipping into your expensive beauty projects), a tiny fridge of your own may be the perfect solution. You’ll be keeping your skin looking nice and healthy and making Gen Z proud with your on-trend ways—what more could a girl want? As D’Amelio states, “Beauty fridges are very cute. Do you really need one? No, but they are an adorable luxury to have and if they bring you joy, why not?” 

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