Do These 5 Things Every Morning to Be Happier All Day

Have you ever thought, What exactly is a morning person? It may be easier to define by saying what it’s not: It’s not pulling your covers over your head when you hear your alarm. It’s not hitting the snooze button. It’s not sleeping in until noon, and it’s definitely not being grumpy until you take a sip of coffee.

Research indicates that morning people tend to be healthier too; studies show they’re often happier, nicer to others, and less likely to be depressed. So how do we sleepyheads transform ourselves into people who are ready to get up and seize the day? A recent article on Business Insider breaks down a few essential steps. Here are some simple ways to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Turn off electronics

Do you ever find it difficult to doze off while you are watching TV in bed? It may be because electronics let off light that sends signals to our bodies to stay up, according to experts at the National Sleep Foundation. Instead of relaxing at night with a new show or scrolling through your Instagram feed, turn off all your electronics and read yourself to sleep.

Wake up to sunlight

It may be intuitive, but light signals to us to wake up like darkness signals for us to catch some z’s. Make sure you allow natural light into your bedroom in the morning, whether that means raising your blinds a bit or pushing your curtains to the side. For those who rise before the sun is up, an artificial sun clock will come in handy.

Watch your alcohol intake

If you’ve ever had a few too many glasses of wine before bed, you’ve likely noticed that alcohol can precede a restless night’s sleep. Try to stick to alcohol earlier in the day, and make sure to drink water before bed if you do choose to have a nightcap.

Work out regularly

A study featured in Mental Health and Physical Activity showed that those who exercised even two and a half hours a week slept better than those who didn’t. Working out not only helps you to fall asleep faster but also supplies you with more energy throughout the day.

Get up with the smell of coffee in the air

There are few thing better than the scent of fresh coffee brewing… especially in the morning. Use a coffee timer on your favorite machine to make sure your cup of joe is waiting for you as soon as you roll out of bed. Chances are nothing will tempt you as much to take your first few morning steps. 

Read about more hacks for becoming a morning person on Business Insider, and share your tips in the comments below!