Micro Makeover: Bed Refreshes That Will Make You Want to Sleep In


Courtesy of Studio Ashby

We spend so much time in our beds, it's curious to think of how little attention we pay to our bedroom's energy and the role it plays on our mood and well-being. For instance: Messy bedrooms make it virtually impossible to maintain a sense of control and gain peace of mind when trying to fall asleep at night. Similarly, a bedroom too traditional or modern can affect our ability to relax, stay organized, or wake up in the morning. Do you need a clean bedroom in order to feel in control? Do you prefer a pitch-black bedroom in the morning or one flooded with light? Do you feel secured by sentimental mementos, or do you live by the belief that accumulated clutter is destructive to everyday efficiency?

Whatever your bedroom style is, there are ways to optimize it to make it more inviting and more adapted to your way of life. To showcase this, we identified five distinct bedroom personalities and the styles that should go with each one. Are you sentimental or minimal? We show you how to get the bed of your dreams, with quick and easy instructions.