Hate Making Your Bed? Try One of These 5 Styling Shortcuts

If you’re prone to hitting snooze, making your bed with Martha Stewart–level perfection can feel like yet another task on your mounting morning to-do list. It’s the busy woman’s daily dilemma: Should you take the time to style your bed and tidy your room as you go, or should you use those precious minutes to respond to emails or get to the office early?

As it turns out, you don’t have to choose. Here, we spotlight five styling shortcuts insiders swear by to hide a messy bed. Yes, with just a few expert tweaks to your room, such as adding statement throw cushions or a thick neutral throw, it’s easy to disguise disheveled sheets in seconds. Follow these five simple styling hacks and start your day guilt-free—because there are more important things to worry about than hospital corners.