The Bedroom Color Schemes 2 Interior Designers Recommend

Bedroom color schemes
Sarah Dorio for Max Humphrey Interior Design

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. It is where we feel safe, comfortable, and most like ourselves. We spend enough time in bed to make it our favorite place by default. Whether intentional or not, the design can even come to wordlessly represent us. In that case, it is important to consider the colors and accents that live in your home’s most important room. Too much white or beige may lack personality while waking up to too many colors and patterns has typically been met with caution; as the adage goes, "Everything in moderation."

MyDomaine consulted Max Humphrey, a Portland-based designer who embraces bold interiors, and Edyta Czajkowska of Edyta & Co., who focuses on fresh and sleek spaces. They offered their thoughts on what makes for a great bedroom color scheme. Our biggest takeaway: Wake up to something that will make you happy every day. Give these tips from Humphrey and Czajkowska a chance.

color schemes Bedroom
Elizabeth Roberts

“As far as bedroom color schemes go, my only rules are no beige, no taupe, no white-on-white boringness. Some people must think color and pattern will keep them up at night, but I like to pile on the personality just like I would in any other room.” —Max Humphrey

Bedroom color interior design
Catherine Kwong

“I think the best bedrooms feel serene and sexy all at once. To achieve this, I love using a mix of neutrals with metallic, black, and a pop of light pink.” —Edyta Czajkowska

interior design bedroom colors
Chris Dibble for Max Humphrey Interior Design

“For a cooler color scheme, I like blues and grays and green with black and white mixed in and maybe a pop of a brighter color like yellow.” —Max Humphrey

Bedroom interior design colors
Catherine Kwong

“I like to bring larger patterns in as an area rug or drapery and then smaller patterns on smaller pieces like an accent chair or pillows on the bed or a throw blanket.” —Max Humphrey

Colors for bedroom
Dusty Lu for Max Humphrey Interior Design

“ I love a red, white, and blue bedroom. Especially when the pieces are kept more streamlined, you can get a modern Americana look without going overboard. Adding in pattern like stripes or other graphic prints just adds to the effect.” —Max Humphrey

Colors schemes for bedroom
Catherine Kwong

“Keep the sheets, rug, and walls more subdued with shades of white, beige, and gray, and add in accents of metallic and black through art, accessories, and lighting. Finally, for a touch of color and glamour, incorporate some luxurious blush pink pillows.” —Edyta Czajkowska

Colors for bedroom interior design
Sarah Dorio for Max Humphrey Interior Design

“For a warm color scheme, I’m loving all the pink and blush and coral we’re seeing out there in the retail world.” —Max Humphrey

Colors schemes for bedroom interior design
Elizabeth Roberts

“If you aren’t ready to fully give in to a big bold statement, then even a pop of pink can go a long way. Camel leather looks great with blush pink and balances it out for a more feminine/masculine vibe.” —Max Humphrey

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