This Is the One Décor Piece Your Bedroom Needs, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Neutral bedroom with bench at foot of bed.

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While a lot of emphasis is placed on decorating the higher traffic rooms in the home—like the kitchen and living room—it’s essential to give that same importance to a more private space: the bedroom. After all, getting enough sleep is vital for your day-to-day, but even more so, having an area in the home that’s entirely your own is the ultimate form of self-care. 

Making sure that your bedroom truly lives up to your personality can help you enjoy the time you spend in it. So, why not look to the stars for help? According to astrologer Kyle Thomas, allowing your zodiac sign to dictate the items to add to your bedroom can help it feel like the safe haven it should serve as. 

Meet the Expert

Kyle Thomas is an official astrologer for both and He has been featured as an astrology expert in a variety of publications including Cosmopolitan, YahooNews, House Beautiful, and more.

Below, check out his recommendations—and get inspired to add them to your space.

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Aries: A Stylish Headboard

Blue bedroom with velvet headboard.

Dazey Den

“If there’s one zodiac sign that likes to make a bold statement about independence and style, it’s Aries,” Thomas says. “This is why having a stylish headboard brings fun, instant personality, and polish to their room.”

A chic headboard catches one’s attention the second you walk in, which is what Aries are all about.

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Taurus: A Luxurious Bed with Layered Bedding and Pillows

Bright white bedroom with gold wallpaper and luxe bed.

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“Of all the Zodiac signs, a Taurus loves to rest and relax the most after a great deal of hard work—Taureans love naps,” Thomas elaborates. “This is why a comfy luxury bed is a must-have.”

Thomas also says to pile on mountains of textured pillows, soft sheets, a fluffy duvet, and throw blankets. Taureans love their little luxuries, which is why this kind of setup is key for them.

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Gemini: Gorgeous Curtains

Sage green bedroom with printed floral curtain.

Erin Williamson

“Geminis get claustrophobic easily, so they need to live in a space that feels expansive and free,” Thomas says. “They prefer rooms that get a lot of natural light, especially with large windows. However, they do value their privacy, so finding stunning curtains with subtle textures or vibrant colors will add more energy and style to their space when it’s time to rest and retreat.”

Since Geminis can flip back and forth between tastes, it might also be fun to play with different color schemes and curtains that layer on top of one another so that they can be changed up as needed.

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Cancer: Healthy Plants

Neutral boho bedroom with snake plant on nightstand.

Modern House Vibes

Cancers are the homebodies of the zodiac, so having a living space that blends with nature is paramount. “This kind of living, breathing energy will bring them more happiness and productivity,” Thomas says.

He recommends adding several plants all over the bedroom, from cacti to fiddle leaf figs, in order to bring some semblance of the outside in.

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Leo: A Statement Mirror

Pink and white bedroom with large rattan mirror.

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“Let’s face it: all Leos love to stare longingly at themselves whenever they get the chance,” Thomas says jokingly. “This is why a large, full-length or gorgeously framed statement mirror is a must-have for them. It can also bring a touch of glamour, as well as make the room feel much more open as it bounces light around the space.”

Make sure to style the mirror so it matches the rest of your living space. This will keep it from look too out there.

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Virgo: Closet Organizers

Bright white bedroom with organized closet.

A Fresh Space

“Virgos are known as the most organized zodiac sign,” Thomas elaborates. “They love to sort, file, and bring order out of chaos. A clean space is extremely important because for them, chaos brings confusion and anxiety.”

This is why Virgos need an organized closet space that includes matching shelves, cabinets, and hangers. This will help them stay in control and allow their bedroom to become a place where they can rest—instead of where they worry about their to-do lists all day.

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Libra: Personal Touches

White bedroom with line art, books on side table, and plants.

Home and Spirit

“Libras are ruled by Venus, which means that they crave beauty and harmony in their surroundings. This also gives them a stylish flair,” Thomas says. “You should expect their bedrooms to be filled with bold accents and items that carry meaning to them—especially if they want to show them off.”

Thomas elaborates that some beautiful ceramics, vases of flowers, trays, jewelry holders, or perfume bottles could all be added, so that Libras can feel at peace in their beautiful space.

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Scorpio: A Comfy Rug

Light and airy bedroom with plush rug.

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“Scorpios crave comfort, especially in the bedroom,” says Thomas. “This is their sanctuary of rest and rejuvenation—but also of passion and seduction. On the regular, a nice rug will help a Scorpio feel grounded and warm, as well as muffle the sounds of footsteps.”

Rugs will bring color, texture, and pattern to a space, as well as give it a warm feel—talk about inviting.

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Sagittarius: Playful Graphic Art

Light bedroom with graphic art above the bed.

Emily Everyday

“Sagittarians are known for their creativity and great need for expression and freedom,” Thomas says. Often touted as the wanderlusters of the zodiac, they demand to show the world who they are, regardless if it fits into the boxes or styles of the status quo.

Thomas recommends Sags fuel their travel instincts and up their personal style with eye-catching art, colorful abstract prints, or posters. This adds depth and perspective to their space.

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Capricorn: Luxurious Storage Dressers and Nightstands

Nightstand with artful decor and lamp.

Light and Dwell

“Capricorns are known for their love of wealth and physical belongings,” Thomas says. “Not only are they likely to invest in valuable possessions, but they like to keep their space organized and minimize clutter.” Since they’re always on the hunt to accumulate more and more material things, they need somewhere presentable to store them, and that's where a great dresser or nightstand comes in.

Invest in impressive storage dressers and nightstands, which will add a pop to their space and allow them to show off everything they’ve achieved.

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Aquarius: Ample Light

Bright, floral blue bedroom with overhead chandelier and big window.

Erin Williamson

“Ruled by Uranus, Aquarians love to express themselves in unique ways,” Thomas says. “Uranus is the planet of electricity and technology, so it’s likely that an Aquarius will include unique lighting throughout the bedroom.”

Whether it’s layered lights, overhead lamps, floor lamps in a corner, or provocative mood lighting, Thomas says Aquarians will thoroughly enjoy having a bunch of different lighting effects to play with to elevate their rooms as per their individual style.

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Pisces: A Bench At the Foot of the Bed

Neutral bedroom with bench at foot of bed.

Devon Grace Interiors

“Pisceans aren’t known as the most organized zodiac sign, but that’s okay," Thomas says. “They tend to run into their rooms and instantly plop their bags down, with their head in the clouds.”

This is why having a bench at the foot of the bed can serve as a sort of ‘luggage rack,’ according to Thomas, but it can also serve the additional purpose of providing an elegant seating option should you choose to have people over.

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