5 Bedroom D

We've been known to throw caution to the wind and encourage breaking free of dated design rules in favor of unique, personal, and liveable decorating. Read on for five dated bedroom design "rules" you don't need to follow. _2

ShadeThumb True, this arrangement may block the light and view depending on the height of your headboard, but sometimes a space lends itself to this floorplan. Utilize fixed drapery to frame the bed and nightstands and add a woven roman shade to block light and add texture. Bamboo Woven Shade, from $30, JCPenney Home


LampThumb Like Ron Burgundy, we love lamp. And sometimes you can't decide between two favorites. We love the idea of mixing table lamps to flank your bed. A sculptural piece matched with a more classic look adds dimensions while a ceramic finish mixed with an industrial item ups the room's texture. Belmont Brass Table Lamp, $395, High Street Market


ArtThumb While there is something pleasing about a perfectly mirrored design, you can still achieve a balanced look with an asymmetrical arrangement of art, mis-matching nightstands, and a variety of lighting. A dynamic composition will increase visual interest and keep the eye moving over the entirety of your arrangement. Untitled by Rob Delamater, $495, Lost Art Salon


ShamThumb Yes, many catalog bedding options are sold in a set which may include matching shams, a comforter, and sheets, but like lamps, sometimes it's hard to choose between options you love. Feel free to mix and match your bedding using a variety of sheets, shams, pillows, and blankets. To avoid color and pattern overload, we would suggest narrowing your options down to a harmonious color palette or a consistent overall style. Marfa Boudoir Sham, $55, Biscuit Home


TableThumb Just because tables are labeled for the bedroom, doesn't mean there isn't a plethora of available options perfect for hosting a lamp, clock, and your ever-present smartphone. Consider vintage consoles, a great desk, a pedestal table, or even a petite dresser when looking for a bedside table -- anything goes as long as it works for you. Wynton End Table, $150, Target

What bedroom décor rules have you broken? Share with us in the comments!

Photographs: 1. 5. Alex Papachristidis via Tory Burch, 2. LeSueur Interiors (designer and source), 3. Thomas O'Brien photographed for Veranda, 4. One Kings Lane photographed by Lesley Unruh, 6.Tara Shaw photographed by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda