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These 8 Genius Solutions Can Solve Any Awkward Bedroom Layout


Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck

You'd think that bedroom layouts would be easy to figure out. You pick the best wall for the bed, flank it with a couple of nightstands, maybe add a dresser or even a small sofa, and you're done. But it's not one size fits all, and bedroom layouts need to cater to the specific space. If your room is feeling cavernous rather than cozy, if you're blocking a seriously good view with bulky furniture, or if, no matter how hard you try, you can't make your bedroom layout feel coherent, we have myriad easy solutions to make your space feel put together and layered.

Consider this your guide to redesigning your big bedroom so that it works better for you.

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Fill Empty Space

Bedroom Layout Mistakes

Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck

If your bedroom is long and narrow, chances are there is a lot of empty space at the foot of your bed, which can make it feel cold and empty rather than cozy. Instead of having unused floor space, try adding a bench, daybed, or small sofa at the foot of your bed to give the room layers and add functionality. You'll bring back the intimate feeling in no time.

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Prioritize the View

Bedroom Layouts

Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel

A large bedroom with a gorgeous view can be tricky to furnish if you're trying to avoid blocking the precious vistas. If you want to leave your window walls bare, try condensing your furniture to one side of the room. Here, an extra-long headboard with built-in storage goes a long way to avoid making the space feel bare.

Add a large textural rug to give your bedroom the warmth it needs.

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Add Elements of Warmth

Bedroom with hanging baskets

Design: Blue Copper Design; Photography: Movement Photo Project

Bedrooms can feel a little cold sometimes, especially if you don't have space for an upholstered chair or bench. The multiple storage pieces that typically go into a bedroom all have similar square edges and hard surfaces. To break this up, use a floor plant or a tree to make the space feel more organic and less sterile. Art and soft furnishings can help, too. 

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Center the Bed

Bedroom Layout Décor

Design: Katie Martinez Design

Do you have an extra-large bedroom that looks awkward and empty no matter how you lay out your furniture? Try floating your bed in the middle of the space. Yes, it may feel counterintuitive, but with a storage piece or table (built-in or not), you can make space for additional wall storage—like for a wall-to-wall closet, for instance.

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Add a Reading Nook

Bedroom Layout Examples
Courtesy of Tali Roth

This might be the oldest rule in the playbook, but if you have an awkward empty corner in your bedroom, fill it with a small reading nook. A chair, side table, and a floor lamp can add just the right layer of sophistication to a space without overwhelming it—and it also breaks up the hard lines of storage furniture. Other great options include a bench or a luggage rack.

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Make a Window Seat

Small Bedroom Layout Mistakes
Courtesy of BHDM

Try adding a small narrow bench along with a few pillows. Suddenly, an unused space becomes a reading area or a place to sit during the day that's not your bed. You can even add a side table to make it feel more like a small daybed. 

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Strategize Storage

Best Bedroom Layouts

Design: Cortney Bishop

You may need more storage in your room. To maximize your potential storage space, go with the highest or largest dresser you can find. A tallboy looks great on a narrow wall, while a low dresser is ideal under windows or to double as a vanity. And if the wall where your bed is is extra long, try flanking your bed with a couple of small, low dressers.

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Get Clever With Curtains

Studio Bedroom Layouts

Design: BHDM

Small studios can be tricky to furnish, so if you need extra privacy in your sleeping area, try tucking a built-in bed in a corner and separating it with a simple wall-to-wall curtain. That way, you can close off your sleeping area when guests come over.