20 Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Set a Soft, Relaxing Mood

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: LeClair Decor

No matter the style, your bedroom is a place to feel calm and relaxed. And while things like soft sheets, clutter-free surfaces, and décor that speaks to your personality are all important parts of the package, there's one other ingredient that can make or break the sanctuary, as it directly impacts mood and well-being: lighting. 

According to a study, light and color have the ability to influence people’s mood, both at a biological and psychological level. Since you spend a lot of time in this space, it's okay to be particular when you're choosing light fixtures—and your light's brightness, size, and warmth can all affect the vibe in your bedroom. Just think of all the bright ideas that are about to come to you in your dreams.

Keep scrolling to browse the best bedroom lighting ideas from interior designers, and bring a little light to your space.

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Make a Slim Statement

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: Fantastic Frank

If you have enough floor space in your bedroom for a tall lamp, this can be a great way to create an additional light source aside from overhead lighting. It's also helpful for design: Choose styles that complement other decorative details throughout your room. We're loving this '60s-inspired floor lamp with a slim silhouette and sleek black finish that matches details in the bedding and office chair. Old-school lamps are the perfect way to bring in personality without relying on bulky furniture or extra décor.

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Try a Chandelier

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

If you have high ceilings or your flush mount light could use an upgrade, opt for a pendant or chandelier. This ensures that the most important functional element of the bedroom (aside from the bed) also makes a style statement. Transform your overhead lighting into something beautiful rather than clustering multiple plug-in light sources around the room. This matte gold chandelier boasts a modern yet laid-back feel.

When considering the layout, be sure to hang your chandelier at the center of the ceiling rather than over the bed for a balanced design.

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Don't Forget About Table Lamps

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: LeClair Decor

Similar to a floor lamp, the right table lamp can work as a reading light or main light source in your bedroom. Since they're on the smaller side, you won't have to worry about your table lamps over-lighting the space or casting unflattering shadows around the room. They're also an easy way to incorporate pops of color or contrasting materials and textures into your room.

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Utilize Your Headboard

best bedroom design ideas

Design: Katie Martinez Design

We love the classic bedside sconce look, but this design takes it a step further by mounting the lighting directly onto the built-in headboard. Its metallic gold finish stands out against a natural wood background, while a few pops of color on the bedding tie the eclectic space together. If you're interested in building a custom headboard with lighting in your space, be sure to lay out any electrical work and cut spaces for wiring before installing the headboard.

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Style Multiple Light Sources

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: House of Chais

An important element of styling lighting in the bedroom is working with multiple sources. We love the modern black chandelier that brightens this bedroom and adds a pop of contrast against bright, white walls. For as ofter glow, two bedside sconces with matte globe finishes can be switched on in the evening.

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Opt for Hanging Pendants

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: Jenn Pablo Studio

Hanging a pendant light next to the bed as a night light instead of going for the standard bedside table lamp will give your room an offbeat, cool ambiance. This oversized glass style utilizes a translucent finish to let the most light shine through. Opt for Edison bulbs for a warm, inviting glow, or choose cooler LEDs when you need a boost of brightness.

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Make It Your Own

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: Burchard Design Co.

If you're looking for something more unconventional, skip the chandelier and opt for a modern, angular light fixture. We love how this black style mimics a swing-arm wall light with various lengths. A white ceiling medallion contrasts the light and adds texture to the sleek, clean space.

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Offset Bright Colors

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: Dazey Den

If your bedroom is bursting with color, keep it simple by styling a white chandelier above the bed. Multiple globe lights play on the rounded décor in this bedroom, from the scalloped vintage-inspired bed frame to the bright wall mural. The light makes a statement without distracting from the room's vibrant main focus.

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Create a Focal Point

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: Devon Grace Interiors

This modern-industrial bedroom is filled with personality even though it sticks to a minimalistic color scheme. On top of wall sconces and a sleek floor lamp, a woven black pendant chandelier steals the show. Gray floor-to-ceiling curtains, wall paint, and a cowhide rug set a neutral background for the lighting to stand out.

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Add Modern Touches

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: Katie Martinez Design

We love how natural wood textures and modern finishes come together in this eclectic bedroom. Rather than being a statement piece, the hanging bedside light fixture serves as a muted, functional element of the design. Its sleek, simple shape is complemented by a metallic finish to draw just a hint of attention while bringing a soft glow to the room.

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Style an All-White Oasis

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: Home and Spirit

We'll always be fans of an all-white bedroom. Light, airy curtains and plush bedding complement the clean walls in this design, while a simple globe floor lamp lightens the room. The designer chose a globe in a similar hue as the curtains to make the lamp blend effortlessly into the rest of the space.

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Work With the Architecture

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: Kate Lester Interiors; Photo: Amy Bartlam

If you're lucky enough to have stunning ceiling beams in your bedroom, use them as a focal point to hang a chandelier from. Modern furniture and décor come together with natural finishes in this bedroom to make the most of both styles. Thanks to its minimalistic black frame, the chandelier complements the bedposts and sliding door hardware.

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Complement Your Artwork

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: Erin Williamson Design

We can't get enough of the color scheme in this bedroom. Along with silk, shimmering throw pillows, the bedside table lamp's accent color perfectly plays on the abstract wall art. Choose a palette that contrasts your wall color to make décor stand out with a statement.

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Mount Bedside Sconces

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: Cathie Hong Interiors

Using your wall space for things like storage and light sources is a great way to open up the space and limit clutter on bedside surfaces. Sconces can add an element of elegance to your bedroom in lieu of table lamps, and arranging them on either side of the bed creates a beautiful sense of symmetry. Opt for sconces when you're looking for warm, indirect light to cast a relaxing glow over your room.

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Keep It Minimal

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: Afro Bohemian Living

If you're a fan of minimalism, let this bedroom be your inspiration. A creamy white color coats the whole space, from the walls to the curtains and bedding. The design's oversized paper lantern matches the hue while bringing in plenty of texture that looks attractive no matter the time of day.

When choosing statement pendant lights and chandeliers, be sure to look for options that appear as stylish when they're turned off as they do when they're lit up in the evening.

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Style a Metallic Finish

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: House of Hanes

We love a sleek, metallic finish styled in rooms with natural elements. Alongside bamboo blinds and rustic wood furniture, this chandelier brings a serious element of elegance to the space. Since its light gold hue is a similar shade to the lighter wood accents, the lighting works with the room's color palette while introducing a chic texture.

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Blend It In

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: Erin Williamson Design

Your eyes may dart straight to the stunning chandelier, but our favorite light fixture in this room is intentionally muted. This designer creatively covered the bedside table lamp shade in the same blue and white pattern as the wallpaper. By blending its eclectic, dense blue patterns with neutral hues on the floor and window coverings, this bedroom is a perfect lesson in using a simple color scheme for a maximal design.

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Create Balance

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: Katie Martinez Design

If you're renting your home or don't want to install permanent wall fixtures in your space, skip the bedside sconces and create a similar look with table lamps. These vintage-inspired lights bring an inviting, cozy look to the room alongside plush bedding and large wall art. The patterned curtains bring out colors from the walls and area rug to tie the space together.

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Consider a Monochromatic Palette

best bedroom lighting ideas

Photo: Rikki Snyder

If you're looking for a simpler bedroom design, choose light fixtures that work with your décor in a monochromatic palette. This sleek silver wall sconce adds a shinier element to the room's soft materials while blending in with the color scheme. An oversized shag rug and woven throw blanket introduce cozy textures to the modern space.

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Go Oversized

best bedroom lighting ideas

Design: Erin Williamson Design

This bedroom finds the balance between contemporary and traditional design. Styled with a poster bed, floral curtains, and woven blinds, bright bedding creates a minimalistic, clean vibe. The oversized chandelier hangs delicately above the bed to draw the eyes to the ceiling and play off the white sheets.