Later, Clutter: These 7 Smart Storage Ideas Will Transform Your Bedroom


Courtesy of Fantastic Frank

If, unlike us, you've never thrown your barely worn clothes on the back of a chair (or worse, on the floor) after a long day, we want to personally deliver you a medal. The tricky dilemma of this all-too-frequent situation arises every time a piece of clothing is too clean to be thrown in the laundry basket but too dirty to be hung in the closet again. After just a few busy days, what was once a cute lounge chair in the corner of your bedroom now resembles the laundry pile at your local dry cleaner, and your decluttered dreams of a peaceful night's sleep are thrown out the window.

In the name of a quality snooze (which increases the more organized your space is), we've set out to ban the chair pile-up for good. So how do you manage your lightly worn clothes without overwashing or turning into an overzealous organizer? We give you seven solutions so deceptively easy that it'll be like you never even had clutter in the first place.

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