The Bedroom Paint Colors Every Pro Uses

When it comes to painting your home, the choice is truly personal. But with the myriad of hues and their tonal variations to choose from, the decision process can be excruciating. It’s hard enough choosing a kitchen paint color, let alone one for the all-important boudoir. And aside from the paint, there are emotional implications. If you’re a terrible sleeper, you might want to consider dark colors to ward off insomnia, but if you’re an early riser, then soft and warm tints will help get you up in the morning while still encouraging that cozy feeling.

So what are the best bedroom paint ideas to satisfy your sleep and aesthetic needs? If you’re still unsure which colored path to go down, don’t stress. We turned to the pros who’ve applied more than a coat or two in their time and know what works best. Ahead, they share their favorite colors guaranteed to have you sleeping sound in the chamber of your dreams.