7 Bedroom Storage Ideas That'll Pick Up Your Closet's Slack

Raise your hand if a pile of discarded clothes keeps you from sitting on that chair in the corner of your bedroom. Or if a stack of books has taken up residence on the floor beside your dresser. We know from experience that bedroom clutter seemingly accumulates faster than you can stow it away (resulting in the aforementioned disarray), but with the right organizational tools, it is possible to take your space from cluttered and chaotic to neat and orderly.

So in our own search for ways to tidy up this tricky space once and for all, we turned to some of our favorite interior designers for their tried-and-true storage solutions—and, if we're being perfectly honest, the clutter-clearing ideas we found were completely game-changing. From affordable, wall-mounted shelving to splurge-worthy statement furniture, these storage solutions will whip any space (no matter how small) into shape.

Scroll on for seven bedroom storage ideas that'll pick up your closet's slack.