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What Should You Do With Your Bed's Throw Pillows When You Sleep?

Bed with tons of throw pillows.

Pure Salt Interiors

We love adorning our beds with throw pillows as much as the next person—after all, pillows add so much vibrance, personality, and charm to a space. That said, there’s always the question of where to set such pillows when it comes time to actually sleep. Tossing them onto the floor isn’t the most sanitary solution, nor is it the best way to preserve pricier pieces.

Below, four designers share their quick fixes. 

Use Pillows for Support

Maybe keeping these additional pillows in your bed while you sleep will help you rest more comfortably, after all.

“I find that I use throw pillows for comfort. I place my throw pillows under my knees while reading in bed to support my back, then I slide the pillows between my knees while I sleep on my side—I’m all about that hip alignment. When I make my bed in the morning, I give my pillows a quick fluff and they look beautiful once more.” —Sara Swabb, founder of StorieCollective 

Purchase a Trusty Bench

Benches come in all sizes, shapes, and styles, and it’s easy to score a piece that suits your personal aesthetic. Not to mention, there are plenty of budget-friendly finds on the market, too. 

“If space allows, we recommend a bench at the foot of the bed, which is a great landing spot for throw pillows when it’s time to sleep. That way, they don’t land on the floor and get dirty or create a tripping hazard if you get up in the middle of the night in the dark.” —Erica Burns, founder of Erica Burns Interiors  

Opt for Storage Baskets

No room for a bench? Chic baskets will also do the trick, and are ideal for kids’ rooms, too. 

“We often suggest incorporating storage items within the bedroom design to take extra blankets or pillows. Occasional chairs and  benches are particularly great to have in any bedroom setting to hold extra daytime bed covers, quilts and extra pillows during the evening. Groupings of interesting baskets are a great complement to most bedroom interiors and are perfect to add into children’s rooms for pillows and stuffed animals.” —Eugenia Triandos, co-owner of Hibou Design Co.  

Try a Trunk

Out of sight, out of mind. Tossing pillows inside a trunk is especially ideal for longer-term storage. Set all of your wintry, flannel accents inside during warmer months, for example. 

“We like to encourage our clients to add a warm textural wicker or wooden trunk at the foot of the bed. They’re perfect for storing seasonal or extra pillows and throws when those are not in use.” —Michelle Berwick, principal and founder of Michelle Berwick Design      

Don't Neglect the Nightstand

Larger pieces may serve double duty while you sleep. 

“An additional benefit of having generous open side tables is that they’re perfect for storing bed throws and pillows in the evening.” —Michelle Berwick