17 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas to Elevate Your Space

bedroom wall art


Of every space in your home, the bedroom is undoubtedly the most personal. But because it receives the least amount of foot traffic, it's common for it also to receive the least amount of design attention. However, this is the space where you rest, recharge, and reflect on the day, so it only feels fitting that you give it the TLC it deserves.

While you might've already gotten a jumpstart on picking the perfect headboard, a fluffy duvet, and a cozy rug, waking up to blank walls is anything but inspiring. If your bedroom feels perpetually unfinished due to a lack of wall decor, we have 17 ideas to dress up your space. Ahead, the inspiration you need to step up arguably the most important room in your home.

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Mismatched Art

bedroom wall art

Design: Orlando Soria, Photo: Zeke Ruelas

We typically get hung up on creating symmetry on either side of the bed, but this bedroom with contrasting art on each side proves that mismatched pieces can feel just as sophisticated. Try sticking with a cohesive color palette to make things still feel uniform without looking too matchy-matchy.

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Wall-To-Wall Frames

bedroom wall art

Design: Orlando Soria, Photo: Tessa Neustadt

We've seen the floor-to-ceiling gallery walls before, but we're loving how fresh this wall-to-wall lineup looks. Oversized matching frames hanging in a straight line create a gorgeous focal point to wake up to every morning.

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Sentimental Display

bedroom wall art

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Zeke Ruelas

Your bedroom is the perfect space to surround yourself with sentimental objects and collectibles from your world travels. Hang framed images and install shelves for your most prized tchotchkes to not only keep them on display, but to create your happy place that reminds you of favorite places and memories.

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Upcycled Art

bedroom wall art

Design: Velinda Hellen and Erik Staalberg, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Thrift stores, flea markets, and antique shops are crawling with vintage art pieces with unlimited potential. Breathe new life into thrifted art pieces when you incorporate them into your modern bedroom design. The best part? You keep these items out of landfills, and they cost far less than a new piece of art.

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The Bedroom Mural

bedroom wall art

Courtesy of Anne Sage

Transform any wall with the help of an oversized mural like this one. We love this hand-painted art piece, but if you don't consider yourself the next Picasso, you can turn to a peel-and-stick mural. It installs like wallpaper and comes together to create a single image that makes a huge impact in any space.

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On-Theme Collection

bedroom wall art

Design: Lindsey Brooke Design, Photo: Amy Bartlam

When it comes to the art you frame, sticking with a theme will set the tone for the rest of your space. This bedroom includes black and white imagery, flags, and icons that collectively set the tone for vintage-inspired, masculine coastal look. The rest of the room's personal touches are just the cherry on top.

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Abstract Wall Art

bedroom wall art

Design: Lindsey Brooke Design, Photo: Amy Bartlam

Sometimes wall art is best used to round out a color palette rather than display a specific image. The abstract pieces in this room do a fantastic job at tieing in shades of white, gray, and black to make the bed, rug, and bench feel cohesive in the same space.

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Oversized Art

bedroom wall art

Design: Sarah Fultz, Photo: Matti Gresham

Never underestimate the power of a single statement piece. Rather than load up on a handful of framed pieces, opt for one oversized print or canvas that gets the job done on its own. The final look is sleek, uncluttered, and totally modern—without being the least bit boring.

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Multipurpose Designs

bedroom wall art

Design: Meg Lavalette, Photo: William Lavalette

When it comes to dressing up your bland walls, the more you think outside the box, the better. Give upcycled pieces a new purpose and multiple functions like this vintage wooden door that serves as a headboard and interesting wall art.

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Wall Tapestries

Bedroom Wall Art

Design: Mindy Gayer Design, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Hanging a tapestry or unframed canvas is one of our favorite ways to dress blank walls because it shows off your favorite designs in a casual, no-frills way that feels effortlessly cool. You can hang anything from an inspiring screenprint to a beautiful blanket for a touch of much-needed design sense and texture.

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Wooden Accent Wall

bedroom wall art

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Jessica Alexander

An accent wall is one of the more elaborate ways to dress your walls, but it's worth every ounce of installation effort. A single wooden panel like this one acts as a Scandinavian-inspired headboard, while the matching shelves create a space to display more traditional forms of wall art.

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Gallery Wall

Bedroom Wall Art

Design: William Hunter Collective, Photo: Sara Tramp

Gallery walls aren't just for living rooms, and this bedroom is all the proof we need. To recreate the look and feel of this gallery wall, source frames and images new and old in different styles and sizes, but stick within the color family of warm auburn, cool blues, and neutral black and white.

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The Gallery Shelf

bedroom wall art

Courtesy of My British Home

If you're looking to display your favorite images and inspiring quotes but prefer a look that's a bit more low-key than a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall, a single floating shelf is a perfect place to set your frames.

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Bedroom Wall Art

Courtesy of Emily Henderson

When in doubt, dress your walls in a floor-to-ceiling print via a patterned wallpaper. It's the boldest way to transform any room, and it's renter-friendly when you opt for a peel-and-stick version that's easy to install and even easier to remove.

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Strategically-Placed Lighting

bedroom wall art

Design: Jessie Yoon of Casa Nolita, Photo: Casa Nolita

While lighting (especially a pendant hanging from the ceiling) isn't technically wall art, this entire composition makes a strong case for the medium. The design of this light paired with a graphic paint job creates a visual composition that dresses these walls to perfection.

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Color-Blocked Walls

bedroom wall art

Courtesy of Bus Interieur

When it comes to dressing your walls, you'd be surprised what a can of paint and some tape can create. Painting a portion of your walls in a statement color, like this deep navy, creates tons of visual interest.

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Framed Fabric

bedroom wall art

Design: Julia Alexander, Photo: Anna Yanovski

Create a super custom look when you get a bit crafty with your decor. If you can find printed fabrics in a theme you love, use them to create items like throw-pillow covers and utilize extra yardage as wall art when you place them in a frame. And just like that, you have yourself custom decor that feels unapologetically you.