These Bedrooms Make a Serious Case for Forgoing a Bed Frame

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There is something enticing, calming, and incredibly romantic about sleeping closer to the ground. However, in our Western culture, we have been thoroughly trained that a bed frame is a must-have piece of furniture. We're realizing now that a bed frame is not necessary for creating a stunning bedroom aesthetic. 

“Forgoing a bed frame can look classic and chic—as long as your mattress has proper support,” Abbe Fenimore, the founder and principal designer at Studio Ten 25, explains. "Even more so, it can be especially beneficial in spaces with low ceilings, as a tall bed frame can make a bedroom feel cramped or closed in."

No matter what your style is, here are 9 bedrooms that make a serious case for getting rid of your bed frame.

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Glass Headboard

No headboard, no problem. We love how this room utilizes the gorgeous wall of windows as a headboard in this modern yet incredibly cozy space. “Pushing the bed against a window creates an instant headboard,” Fenimore says.  

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Eclectic Oasis

This look, courtesy of Urban Outfitters, is an example of making the most of a unique space. The stairs as a nightstand? A sheet hung as a headboard? We are so down.

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Maximalist Impact

While the frameless bed look is most closely associated with minimalism, here is an example of an impeccably designed and polished maximalist space. We love how all the color, texture, and dimension balances out the simple sleeping situation. 

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Bali-Inspired Beauty

Though most of us don’t have a lagoon view from our bedroom, we can still admire from afar. This Balinese space is proof that you don’t need a lot of furniture in your sleeping space to achieve interior design perfection. 

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Oversized Covers

When designing your frameless bedroom, take a cue from this space and opt for a comforter one size larger than your bed. “Create a relaxed aesthetic by draping your duvet or coverlet over the mattress instead of tucking them in,” Fenimore says. “It's an easy fix and will eliminate any fuss when making your bed.”

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Naturally Fibered

Is it just us, or does a frameless bed beg for linen bedding? The soft look of the linen goes perfectly with the relaxed look of this bedroom.

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Small Space, Big Impact

This room may be small, but it is certainly mighty when it comes to style. Sometimes, a bulky bed frame can clutter up a tiny room, and this bohemian space is proof that sleeping on the floor doesn’t have to look like a campout. 

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Fabulously Fitted

If your bed is on the floor, beautiful bed linens can go a long way—especially when it comes to the fitted sheet. We are seriously crushing over these pink velvet bed linens, which give this room such an elegant feel. 

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Design to Scale

Remember that when you forgo a bed frame, a traditional nightstand probably won’t suffice. A chic lamp atop a stack of your favorite books as a nightstand? We don't see why not.