Before and After: Clamdiggin Teepee

THE SUBJECT: A 12-foot Magic Cabin teepee.


THE CHALLENGE: Create the perfect teepee for Nicole Richie's garden party.

THE SPECIALIST: Artist duo (and couple) Alexandra Fisher and Kevin Johnson of Clamdiggin, whose work has shown at LA's MOCA, and whose notable projects include intricate illustrative murals for the Viceroy Anguilla and Spago Beverly Hills. Most recently they joined forces with stylist and purse designer Simone Harouche for a collection of 25 limited-edition, hand-painted bags (which will be available November 1st on Simone Camille and through LA retailer Just One Eye.)

THE METHOD: The pair first sketched out their design in a Moleskine notebook ("always a Moleskine," says Fisher), then painted directly on the tee pee using Behr interior/exterior Black Suede paint and Titanium White Golden acrylic, Montana Gold acrylic spray paint (in Shock Black), a custom mix of Cadmium Yellow and Cadmium Orange Golden acrylics, and handmade circle stencils. (Fisher recommends using very thin cardboard, should you wish to create your own at home). They used a spray bottle filled with water to prep the canvas before painting it: "The canvas wants to drink up all the paint, so you have to keep spraying while you're painting for ideal conditions--but it also can't be too wet--I recommend practicing on a canvas sample ahead of time," says Fisher. 

THE RESULT: A kinetic-feeling graphic masterpiece incorporating venomous lizard Gila monsters, sandpipers, jewelry (for a fashion-oriented shoutout to Richie) and volcanic eruptions: "It's a marriage of interests," says Fisher.

THE BILL: $300 for the tee pee + $49 for paints + $20 for brushes + $5 for spray bottle + $19 for a Moleskine = $393

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Photographs: Jose Leon