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How Lizzie Green Transformed Her Beige Bathroom into a Chic Retreat

After bathroom with modern walk in shower.

Design: Lizzie Green; Photo: Charlotte Lea

If there’s something we never get tired of seeing, it’s a great makeover. Whether it’s transforming a retro bathroom into a modern oasis or giving a lackluster bedroom a fresh look, pros perform these design miracles all the time.

To give designers a chance to showcase their favorite makeovers—and to bring you plenty of inspiration for your own home—we’re sharing the best before and afters we’ve seen in our series, Makeover of the Week. Take notes for your next renovation.

“My husband and I had been living with this old bathroom for years while we saved our money to renovate,” interior designer Lizzie Green says. “Besides the dated décor, there were some flow issues—the door to the bathroom opened up smack into the toilet and the storage cabinets—which were directly across from the toilet—prevented the door from completely opening when they were ajar.”

Meet the Expert

Interior designer Lizzie Green is the owner of Malibu-based Popix Designs. She blends her California style with a Scandinavian and contemporary influences through layering textures, mixing patterns, and incorporating different shapes and colors.


Before shot of bathroom.

Design: Lizzie Green; Photo: Charlotte Lea

“Most of the drawers in the oak vanity were broken and didn’t function properly, and the previous owners used the same blah cream-colored tile on the floor, countertop, shower and jacuzzi tub, whose steps took up a lot of space in the room,” Green notes. “The glass with the etched palm trees on the shower door matched the window’s glass, which was probably a cool look when it was installed years ago, but it didn’t fit into my plans for a more modern design.”


Bathroom vanity with sleek pendant lighting.

Design: Lizzie Green; Photo: Charlotte Lea

“I wanted this bathroom to feel current while incorporating classic materials that would still feel fresh years from now," Green says. "There is something so energetic about black and white design, you just need to make sure it’s not too overpowering. The first thing I did was install a sliding walnut door with concealed hinges to match the custom walnut vanity, using the same oil-based stain to tie them together. A herringbone marble tile in the shower and a classic 1 inch Carrara white marble hexagon tile on the floor are contemporary yet timeless. The one thing the previous bathroom did have going for it was the abundance of natural light from the skylights, so I kept those intact.”

What Changed:

  • Color theme: A classic black and white color palette incorporates natural materials such as wood and marble to create an ageless appeal. 
  • Vanity: A custom vanity has walnut dowels that mimic a slatted wood wall, four hidden soft-close drawers, and a white marble top that extends four inches onto the backsplash. 
  • Mirror: The large black framed rectangle mirror was intentional, meant to complement the rectangular-shaped vanity and glass shower frame. 
  • Floor: Black and white herringbone tile in the shower creates contrast against the Carrara marble floor tile. 
  • Glass door: The black framing on the glass enclosure gives the shower a more finished look. 
  • Fixtures: The brass faucets, shower head, and trim add another layer to the color palette. 
  • Shower: The shower bench and curb match the vanity’s marble countertop, while black framing was added to the window to complement the shower frame. 
  • Door: A sliding walnut wood door saves valuable floor space by eliminating the door swing. 
  • Pendant: Two chic black pendants coordinate with the glass shower trim and mirror. 
  • Wall art: A feminine black and white sketch adds a simple yet stylish piece of art to the space. 
  • Towel racks: Brass towel racks play nicely with the other metal fixtures in the room. 
  • Roof: The skylights provide natural light during the day and stars at night.

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Bathroom vanity with marble countertop.

Design: Lizzie Green; Photo: Charlotte Lea

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