Single Ladies: Here's How to Handle Intrusive Relationship Questions This Season

Even if you're totally at ease with your single self, the holiday season and all of the attached societal expectations can present some challenges. While you may never be able to stop your grandmother from poking your abdomen and reminding you of your biological clock, there are some practical ways to mentally prepare for those frustrating relationship questions from overly inquisitive friends and relatives.

The Everygirl recently offered up some empowering words about living the single life despite society's outdated stigmatization of it. The site's wisdom emphasizes the importance of knowing that you're complete and whole all on your own, and allowing that self-assurance, not your relationship status, to guide your answers. "The more you're willing to sit with yourself and learn who you are (apart from anybody else), you will eventually start to look at yourself in the mirror every morning and know that it's true without needing anyone else to affirm it," The Everygirl writes.

This falls in line with the sage relationship advice from John Kim, a licensed therapist and life coach. He recommends fulfilling your seven basic needs as a person (emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, sexual, financial, and passion) on your own, rather than trying to find someone to fill those holes for you. Embarking on this journey solo will make you a happier, more confident, and fulfilled person whose self-worth isn't determined by a relationship status.

All the single ladies: What's your favorite part of being single over the holidays? Share your thoughts below!