Gigi and Bella Hadid's Dad Is the Most Embarrassing Instagram Dad Out There

Updated 08/04/17

While his two daughters are internationally acclaimed, jet-setting supermodels, Mohamed Hadid just wants a text back. The real estate mogul has turned his own Instagram account into a desperate ploy for both Gigi and Bella's attention, essentially reminding his daughters of his existence one Insta post at a time, notes Vogue Australia. If you scroll back a few weeks, you'll find the below gem of eldest daughter Gigi, who he asks to "please come back" to their hometown of Los Angeles.

His message to younger daughter Bella gets a bit more nostalgic. Hadid re-grammed a candid moment from the Cannes Film Festival this past May, where he and Bella shared "a simple cone of ice cream." He appropriately added the hashtag #worldsbestmoments and tagged his daughter in the post.

Things take a turn for the abstract in yet another family-related post, which is simply a zoomed-in shot of Hadid's left eye. "My kids. I have an eye out on you. Like a [hawk emoji]," he writes.

His other model offspring, Anwar, isn't escaping the Instagram love either; Hadid captioned a paparazzi photo of the 18-year-old with, "Missing my son, Anwar. Such a handsome gentleman. Love my son." Whether or not this is just a classic case of a parent not knowing how to use Instagram or his trolling is every bit intentional, it's obvious that the property developer just wants a phone call or two. It may be time to organize a Hadid family reunion.

Next up: Step inside Gigi Hadid's gorgeous Soho apartment.

Opening Image: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

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