This Dreamy Swedish Home Tour Is Proof IKEA Hacks Can Look Luxe

IKEA hacks used to be the realm of DIY YouTube videos and trial-and-error blogs, but when Swedish native Lesley Pennington launched Bemz, the landscape shifted. The company creates custom, high-quality covers for classic IKEA furniture like sofas and chairs, turning a mass-produced, inexpensive item into an almost unrecognizable statement piece. Tom Dixon has even joined forces with them to create high-end covers.

So when Pennington reached out to us with images of her home in Viggbyholm, a suburb north of Stockholm, Sweden, we were curious: How does this design pro nail the high-low mix in her own abode? With ease. A first glance at Pennington's warm and welcoming home has the hallmarks of Swedish style—think exposed wood floorboards, bulbs teetering on wires, and plenty of natural light—but there's a twist. Naturally, the Bemz founder has included her own products in her home, carefully disguising popular IKEA wares to look like one-of-a-kind pieces. Can you spot them?

Take a peek inside Lesley Pennington's gorgeous Swedish seaside home.

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