A Completely Custom Sofa in Just 7 Days? Yes, Please

Buying furniture is almost always a long process. Shipping times can swell to two months or more, and if you're going custom? Forget it! Might as well get used to lounging on your yoga mat.

Introducing BenchMade Modern, a San Francisco–based startup that's about to change the game. It affords you the ability to completely customize your piece and receive it in seven days (or less!), all the while keeping an eye on its progress as the furniture gets framed, sewed, upholstered, and shipped. If you're really in a pinch (erm, parent visit or looming housewarming party, anyone?), BenchMade can manufacture your custom piece in 24 hours for an added fee of $100-$400 depending on the size of the sofa. From there, it’ll take a day or two to reach you on the West Coast, or five to seven days on the East Coast.

So, how does it work? BenchMade offers eight collections, ranging from minimal to comfy to midcentury inspired. Customers can customize their sofa size down to the inch to fit their space, as well as the left or right configuration of a chaise or a bumper. And because visualizing a sofa can be tricky, BenchMade also offers to mail customers full-size printouts of the sofa to lay on the floor in their desired space and make sure it looks just right. With 45 color choices on offer (as well as choices on leg colors), you can also tailor your palette perfectly. Pricing starts at about $1800 for a standard-size sofa, and all pieces are made locally in Los Angeles.

Scroll to get a peek at some of BenchMade's offerings.