The $2 Product a Food Editor ALWAYS Keep in Her Freezer for Late-Night Meals

Updated 04/17/19
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Not even those who've adopted food as a profession are exempt from the common dilemma that is late-night dinner: You're tired, hungry, and exhausted by the mere thought of cooking a full meal at 9 p.m. But after years of late nights at the office, Liz Moody, Mindbodygreen food editor and cookbook author, has found a solution in the form of frozen cauliflower rice.

"I am always trying to eat as well as I can and have very little time to do so," she writes over on the health and wellness site. "Frozen cauliflower rice is a game changer. It essentially makes the base of your meal a vegetable, and a cancer-fighting, longevity-boosting, inflammation-busting one at that." While Moody buys her cauliflower rice at Trader Joe's for just $2 a bag, you can also make your own at home. Simply buy a head of cauliflower and complete these three steps:

  1. Wash a head of cauliflower; remove leafy bits. Cut off woodiest part of the stem but leave the rest.
  2. Either grate the whole cauliflower with a box cheese grater or cut it into chunks and pulse it a few times in your food processor.
  3. One cauliflower head makes a LOT of cauliflower rice, so pour all of that into a freezer bag and chuck it in your freezer. 

From there, you can use it as the base of a stir fry, taco bowl, chicken wrap, salad—the sky's the limit. Moody suggests cooking it up with ghee butter and coconut oil and experimenting with anything leftover in your fridge. 

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