Why Your Kids Should Learn a Second Language

>One of my proudest adult accomplishments is mastering the Spanish language: I’m bilingual! For two years after college, I worked and lived in Spain—with a boyfriend who spoke no English. Since then, I’ve made it a point to visit a Spanish-speaking country once a year so I don’t lose the language. Although I didn’t learn Spanish completely until I was fully immersed, my parents always stressed the importance of learning a second language while I was growing up, and it looks like they were on to something. Inc. is reporting that the best way to give your children a leg up is to encourage them to learn another language. Science says that bilingualism is the one and only skill that will single-handedly increase a child’s chances of success. There are many benefits to speaking two languages: It strengthens the brain’s cognitive muscles, improves children’s abilities to perform mentally demanding tasks (like problem-solving and planning), and enhances their social skills. “In essence,” says Inc., “children who speak other languages are more in tune with others.”

>Start to teach your kids Spanish with 52 Weeks of Family Spanish, a book that includes weekly lessons to get you and your children hablando español juntos.

>Are you bilingual? Do you think it has made you a more intelligent person?