The "Holy Grail" Ingredient a Skincare Expert Would Add to Your Routine

Updated 05/14/18
Brooke Testoni

Decyphering the ingredients list when choosing a new skincare product is virtually on-par with trying to read a foreign language, but leading esthetician Matthew Miller says there's one thing you should look out for. "Nicotinamide is a holy grail ingredient," he says during our consultation at his practice in Chelsea, Manhattan. According to Miller, it's a crucial vitamin, B3, that's suitable for any skin type—and works to combat a lineup of some of the toughest skin care issues.

The benefits are extensive: "It's great at repairing our skin's lipid barrier. When that's out of whack, it can cause redness, breakouts, dehydration, and dryness," he explains. "It's also good at helping hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles."

Poised to add it to your skin care regimen? Miller, who is aligned with Cosmedix, recommends Purity Balance exfoliating cleaner and Cell ID serum to reap the benefits. "Nicotinamide is in [Purity Balance], along with salicylic acid and lactic acid, which preps the skin before you put on serums. That product as a whole is best used before serums to make it more effective," he says.

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