People Who Swear a Lot May Be Healthier, Happier, and More Intelligent

Updated 01/31/18
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From a young age, most people are taught to not use curse words—or else they might have to put a dollar in the swear jar. However, if you're one to drop a few profanities in an impassioned argument or at the onset of pain, you might actually be ahead of the curve. It turns out that swearing can be good for you in a variety of ways, and there's scientific evidence to prove it. According to multiple studies gathered by Huffington Post, people who regularly throw around curse words may be more honest and intelligent, have stronger communication skills, and experience physical benefits.

One study shows that swearing is correlated with having a larger overall vocabulary, proving that the notably unsavory habit could be linked to greater intelligence. Another shows that people who turn to curse words often tend to lie less frequently than those who don't, which bodes well for the overall integrity of people who aren't afraid to express themselves with swear words.

When it comes to communication, a 2012 study showed that swearing can be effective in getting your point across when trying to persuade someone. The study also found that swearing can be a positive factor in work settings in terms of effectiveness. Additional research finds that swearing can help communicate how a person feels about something in a way that evades the potential for physical altercations or violence due to the ability of bad words to reveal emotions.

Cursing might also be the key to your best workout ever. Recently, researchers examined participants during bicycle and hand-grip exercises. They were asked to repeat neutral words or curse words during the activity. The results show that swearing actually improved their physical performance.

Finally, you shouldn't feel guilty for letting profanities slip out when you hurt yourself. A 2009 study found that swearing increases pain tolerance and decreases perceived pain compared to not swearing. They tested this by having participants immerse a hand in icy water while either repeating a neutral word or a curse word.

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