Ditch Olive Oil—This Alternative Is Even Healthier, Says a Top Chef

Olive oil has long been accepted as one of the healthiest pantry staples, but according to a leading chef, there's one alternative that is even better. New York–based chef David Bouley has experimented with roughly 500 oil infusions and says mixing common cooking oils with spices delivers the ultimate health boost.

His simple two-step oil recipe contains turmeric, a spice that has been revered for centuries, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Research suggests the ancient wisdom has real credibility— studies say turmeric is a powerful natural remedy for indigestion and joint pain, and it could even improve heart and brain health. According to Well+Good, turmeric could be beneficial to anyone with allergies, irritated skin, digestive issues, or frequent headaches. 

So why not just sprinkle the spice in your cooking to reap the health benefits? "Combining turmeric with high-quality oils is smart because the benefits of the spice are transported more easily through healthy fats—swap it for your usual EVOO," the article explains. 

Follow this chef-approved oil-infusion recipe to harness the health benefits of turmeric:


1 cup powdered turmeric
10 tbsp. olive oil
10 tbsp. grape-seed oil
10 tbsp. avocado oil


Fill a water bottle or empty jar with the oils and turmeric. Let the mixture sit for two weeks before using. 

While you're scrutinizing cooking oils, make sure you toss this surprisingly common unhealthy product from your pantry.