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Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year 2022 is the Grounding Shade We Need

Benjamin Moore 2022 Color of the Year

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

There's no denying that green is a hue that is here to stay. Interiors everywhere are embracing the shade as a neutral alternative, a subtle pop of color, or a grounding shade in the home. Designers are even tagging the shade as the defining color of 2022, to boot. And green isn't just beloved by decorators—several paint companies have chosen the hue to illustrate the story of 2022, and lauded paint brand Benjamin Moore is following suit.

Benjamin Moore selected October Mist—a soft, subtle sage green that blends expression with neutrality — for their 2022 color of the year. October Mist is the anchoring shade of their Color Trends 2022 palette, which features 14 shades that blend harmoniously and create the perfect inspiration for adding color to the home.

“As the spaces in our homes continue to evolve, we uncover more opportunities to express our individuality and leverage the power of color to design environments that serve different functions and styles,” Andrea Magno, the director of color marketing and development at Benjamin Moore, says. “October Mist and the corresponding Color Trends 2022 palette reflect an effortless harmony of colors while inspiring unique combinations for any paint project.”

October Mist and the corresponding Color Trends 2022 palette reflect an effortless harmony of colors while inspiring unique combinations for any paint project.

Arianna Cesa, a color marketing and development specialist at Benjamin Moore, shares that this color choice takes a more introspective approach than previous years, with the team drawing inspiration from their everyday lives, experiences, and cultural influences to craft the palette.

"We brought this information together to look at color trends on a broader scale, focusing on how paint color serves as an ideal tool for self-expression and creativity in the home," Cesa tells MyDomaine. "As we worked with October Mist, it quickly became clear that it is a paint color that creates a canvas for experimentation. It has connective qualities and can act as a bridge to bringing playful and bolder colors into your home." 

October Mist on wall in attic.

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

October Mist is a great off-neutral, a versatile color with lots of decorating potential. The Benjamin Moore team can see this color shining and taking center stage in a common area, like the kitchen or living room, but as this past year was focused on the quiet spaces in the home, this hue would suit those spaces well. It can inspire an escape from the hustle of everyday life, and it would work well in a bedroom, powder room, or home office.

"October Mist is a versatile color with endless potential," Cesa shares. "Taking inspiration from the stem of a flower, it’s an ideal color to connect spaces. It can bring together the supporting hues from the Color Trends 2022 palette for a seamless color flow when moving from room to room."