Words to Live by From 25 Majorly Successful Women

The Cut has been publishing a series of confidence-boosting articles for its “Advice Week” and they’ve rounded up an amazing list of quotes from 25 famous women about the best advice they’ve ever given or received. We’ve picked five of our favorites to share with you.

“Comparison is the thief of joy,” Julia Stiles.

Your strongest competitor should be yourself—striving to do better every day than you’ve done the day before. When you look up and judge yourself against others’ accomplishments, you’re wasting precious time and energy.

“My headmistress told me not to be afraid of being afraid,” Helen Mirren.

Don’t not do something because you’re scared of it. Dive in to a new situation, challenge yourself, and be amazed at what you can accomplish. It’s a wonderful thing when you can surprise yourself.

“Make eye contact, stop to really look someone in the eye. My grandmother taught me that,” Liv Tyler.

Liv’s grandmother got it right. We always feel special when someone takes the time to look us in the eye when they are speaking. Be that someone that lets others feel important. We promise you’ll get so much more from those kind of interactions.

“My mom used to tell me, ‘Other people are not thinking about you as much as you are,’” Veronica Roth.

We’re taking Roth’s statement of self-awareness to mean two things: first, you have to be your own strongest advocate; and second, you should limit your self-obsession in order to think of others.

“Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, with grace and humility. Be a sponge—and absorb and learn,” Chita Rivera.

We’ve all heard the expression “you learn something new everyday,” but Rivera’s words of wisdom carry the gravitas of that often overlooked saying. We think that in this world of innovation and inspiration the only reason for boredom is laziness. So, turn on your thinking caps and embrace curiosity. We guarantee your days will become a lot more interesting.

To read quotes from Mindy Kaling, Susan Sarandon, Kelly Ripa and more, check out the full article on NY Mag’s The Cut. And share your own words to live by below!