10 Under-$200 Pieces That Make Your Living Room Look Luxe—Instantly

In an ideal world, we'd be able to style a living room from scratch to make sure that every piece of furniture works together in harmony. In reality, though, our homes are an accumulation of a lifetime's worth of possessions: sofas you inherited from your parents, lamps you bought when you got your first apartment, and knickknacks that caught your eye over the years.

If your living room is starting to look tired (e.g., sagging sofas, discolored rugs, and outdated lighting), there is a way to update it without spending a small fortune. Here, we've gone in search of the best pieces of furniture and accessories that have maximum design impact, at a minimum cost. From marble side tables to brushed-brass sconces, opt for one of these stylish under-$200 steals to elevate your living room—instantly.

What's the best expensive-looking item you've bought for your home?