The 11 Best Airlines for Business Class When a Long Haul Warrants a Splurge



When you regularly travel long distances in a coach seat, it's inevitable that you'll encounter an uncomfortable situation. The space is often cramped, the seats are usually stiff, and the food is routinely expensive. Basically, it's the perfect opportunity for patience to run thin as the hours to drag on with every painful second.

But that doesn't necessarily seem to be the case for business class. As the masses shuffle past this select area, and complimentary drinks are poured for those coming from a luxe lounge, it would appear as though nothing too stressful would occur for the lucky few who sit here. Maybe there just wouldn't be enough time to watch all of the entertainment options queued on a private high-definition screen, and perhaps the flat-lay bed would be so comfortable that it's entirely understandable to fall asleep without applying an included bottle of facial mist first. But those "issues" would probably be it.

Instead of wondering how those in business class experience a long-haul flight, perhaps it's time to join them and see for yourself. According to 2018 Skytrax rankings, these are the top 10 airlines to offer the best amenities in business class, plus one more that just missed the cut. The next time you're setting off on an adventure, consider a splurge on a business class ticket—if anything, it will be a memorable way to get there in style.